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55 KNOTS is one of Australia’s leading creative agencies disrupting the design world with our On-Demand Creatives Subscription.

Before our Captain, Benjamin Williams started this agency; he’d travelled the design seas for 20 years. Working for large corporations, he saw firsthand the extra froth big creative agencies added to their bills—enough to sink ships without a sea-worthy budget.

That’s why 55 KNOTS exist.

Our friendly and highly experienced designers specialise in digital campaigns, brand elevation, and captivating motion graphics. We work with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small to large businesses—basically everyone.

We offer premium agency-quality creative without the unnecessary spend.

Being agile and swift, 55 KNOTS solves problems that usually would take an entire agency to accomplish. It’s why our client list is delightfully growing.

Some of our clients include Woolworths, GoDaddy, eBay, cartology, Rezdy, Black Dog Institute, Credit Card Compare—and many more.

Why create with us?

In his corporate days, Captain Williams saved the businesses he worked for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Partnering with us means you can too.

We don’t believe price should dictate what’s creatively possible for your business. It’s why we’re affordable—for most.

We’re focused on delivering the best quality design for the gold you’ve allocated in your treasure stash.


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