What You Should Know When Working with a Graphic Designer

What You Should Know When Working with a Graphic Designer

Is it your first time working with a graphic designer? Then the chances are that you might be unsure about where you should begin, how you should proceed with your projects, and even what types of work you could actually give them.

You must have a lot of questions at the beginning stages, and most of these will be gladly answered by professionals who offer the best graphic design services. Remember that designers are often more than willing to discuss their work’s scope and methods and give clients an idea of what they could expect from their collaboration.

To help you navigate your new relationship with your graphic designer, here are some things you should know:

What Do Writers and Marketers Need to Know?

Graphic designers see you as their creative partner – they’re not a separate sector. You might do different tasks, but your goals are the same. Just like how a content writer would do their best to get a client’s message across to the audience, so do graphic designers.

What Do Graphic Designers Want to Know from Their Copywriter?

In current instances, copywriters and graphic designers do work separately, especially now that people are mostly working remotely. That said, it’s still a good idea to have everybody working on one project be on the same page. For instance, give your graphic designer the main point of the content piece for which they’ll create a design, or give the concept of the campaign to them. Communication is really important if you want everything to be cohesive.

One way to do this is to inform the graphic designer beforehand if the approach you’re doing is on the humorous side or whether it’s a serious client or campaign. Things like this also affect the style and decisions that a graphic designer makes when it comes to the use of colour palettes and font styles.

When Is the Best Time to Hire a Graphic Designer for a Project?

Some might think you should have the graphic designer present from the very beginning. Yet, the thing is that it makes more sense to bring them in once you have settled on the concept and the content you want to use for the project. Once you have agreed on the copy and there will be no major changes, you can start briefing the designer. Then, provide them with as much information about the campaign as possible, not just snippets of the copy they’ll work a design for.

What If You Don’t Have a Clue About What You Want for the Design?

Don’t fret; you’re not the first one who approaches a designer and tells them you’ve absolutely no clue whatsoever about what you want. This is often the case with book authors who have no idea about how their book cover should look like. In such cases, your designer will ask you several questions about your project or your book and give you several options for colours and design elements. In the end, it’s still you who will have the final say about the design.


Working with a graphic designer is no different from working with other creative professionals. Even if it’s your first time working with one, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions or give directions because they’re expecting you to do those things. The important point is that you both get on the same page as soon as possible so that you can start working harmoniously! Of course, your experience working with a graphic designer will also be affected by factors like who you actually choose to do the job.

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The Balance of Aesthetics and Branding in Graphic Design

The Balance of Aesthetics and Branding in Graphic Design

People do judge books by their cover. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be teams of book cover designers to make it look interesting. This timeless idiom is something that definitely applies in the world of business—a world that is increasingly reliant on visual branding. People don’t want to invest in unpleasant-looking books. This is where aesthetics come in.

Aesthetics is a term loosely used to describe the way something looks. Whether something looks good or bad is subjective to a certain extent, though branding has some objective criteria. Every brand must build an aesthetic that appeals to its audience while still staying true to its identity. Here is why every business needs a good brand aesthetic in its graphic design. 

First Impressions Matter

How the mind of a customer works is more outside-in than the other way around. Their first impression is what matters and may determine their level of interest moving forward. When you don’t catch their attention immediately, your graphic design might not have an aesthetic interesting enough.

Good Aesthetics Means Quality

People like to make informed decisions before purchasing any product or trying out any service. One factor that they often judge to determine whether or not it’s worth it is through visual judgment. If something looks poorly done and executed, they may assume the worst. Bad design aesthetics is usually associated with scams or cheap businesses that don’t guarantee quality.

People often Pay for the Packaging

From a surface-level standpoint, it is true that people are often drawn to and are willing to try things with attractive packaging. But when you dive deeper, it’s not just about how things look but rather how things are presented. Graphic design is the main element, but brand aesthetics also look at the packaging, content creation, and brand identity.

How to find a good brand aesthetic

Know Your Market

Select an aesthetic that is both appealing to the market you’re targeting and appropriate for the industry you’re in. 

For example, most millennial brands in health and beauty tend to use soft colours with minimalist designs to complement a youthful spirit. In contrast, banks that appeal to working adults across all generations go for more clean and formal aesthetics to establish a trustworthy reputation.

It helps to look at the competition for inspiration without copying them completely. Your brand aesthetic has to appeal to your message, not theirs.


Invest in a Good Graphic Design Service

Good brand aesthetics can skyrocket your business to greater heights if you decide to invest in it. DIY templates and designs will save you money, but not time and energy. Plus, if you aren’t familiar with visual branding and aren’t necessarily the artsy type, your designs won’t win customers over. Having a good design team with experience is a worthwhile investment.


Getting a good aesthetic for your brand requires a balance of creativity and branding. Everyone cares about how you choose to present your business, so it truly helps if you give attention to it. Putting more effort into your branding only makes you more authentic in the eyes of your audience.

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How Important Is Good Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

How Important Is Good Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Graphic design is a term you may have already heard before. If you are a digital marketer, you know that graphic design is an essential part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. Many digital marketers say that graphic design is the artform that breathes life to a brand’s marketing messages and makes them palatable for the target audience’s eye. 

Until quite recently, not many brands understood the significance of graphic design and what it meant for their branding and advertising campaigns. As time passed, though, the value of these visual elements became more clear. In marketing and advertising, graphics are what draws viewers’ eyes, grabbing attention and communicating a message. 

If you are new to graphic design, this article is for you! Here, we will delve into the great importance of this aspect of digital marketing.


Why Graphics Design Iis Essential in a Strong Digital Marketing Plan

Graphic design is a unique artform that helps visually enhance a brand’s marketing message. Designers use pictures and other visual elements to optimize user experience. Here are the most common reasons that graphic design has now become synonymous with digital marketing:


1 – It Helps Build Your Brand Identity

As a budding new brand, you can use graphics to establish your brand identity. Working with a skilled graphic designer can help you use unique tones, colors, and visual elements that will set you apart from your competition. 


2 – It Improves Sales

It is common knowledge that humans are drawn to uniquely created things. Eye catching images will attract the attention of potential customers and incite their interest in your brand. This will in turn, increase sales because more people will become interested in getting to know your brand.


3 – Everyone Understands Graphics

While only people who are fluent in English will be able to read and understand this blog, good graphics will tear down the language barrier and make it easier for brands to communicate their marketing messages to their customers. If you plan to widen your brand’s reach to other countries, using graphics design will help you establish your brand in foreign markets.


4 – Better Delivery of Brand Messages

Marketing messages that incorporate good graphics into them will be much more effective. You will be able to communicate and relay your messages more effectively if you use graphics design. A blog post without any visual elements will almost certainly be less effective than one that uses it purposefully.


5 – A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Have you ever heard this saying? There is truth to it, especially if you are trying to communicate with your potential customers. A good graphic design strategy will convey your brand message effectively and help your brand come to be associated with these graphics that you put out. Graphics like graphs, charts, and other types of visual aids will help make your statistics more understandable.



Keep in mind that purposeful and well-made graphics surpass language. Languages, although effective in their own right to convey messages, may sometimes be a barrier that can hinder the successful transfer of a message from the sender to the receiver. By incorporating graphics design into your digital marketing plan, you will be able to create a strong brand image and convey your marketing messages to your target audience.

If you are an emerging new brand that is still trying to gain its foothold in your industry, having a good graphics design team can make all the difference. To get the best of business graphic design, 55 KNOTS is one of Australia’s leading creative agencies offering on-demand graphic design subscriptions. Get your 7-day free trial today!

How Important Are Images in Blog Posts – 3 Crucial Benefits

How Important Are Images in Blog Posts – 3 Crucial Benefits

Content creation is the driving force behind a website’s strong Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. For this reason, business owners are taking a long-term approach towards developing their site’s organic reach. Although text is a vital component of content creation, that doesn’t mean it’s the only variable contributing to better SERP rankings. Visual appeal also determines how well your content will look appealing to online users.


Strengthening Your Text with Visual Improvements

It’s understandable for people just beginning their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) journey to focus solely on keywords. After all, the core of SEO depends on how well you know your audience and their preferred search terms. Using these terms strategically throughout your blog posts and website elements is an excellent way to increase your site’s visibility to search engine web crawlers. However, these aren’t the only site elements you should focus on. Besides the textual component of your content, the visual aspect also provides several benefits to your SEO.

In this article, we’ll share three crucial benefits of using images in your blog posts.

1. Images Attract Your Audience’s Attention

Although search terms can attract search engine AI, actual online users will not see the coding that goes in your front and back-end optimisation. Adding images to your blog posts develops your blog’s story, highlighting key elements and conveying the right message to appeal to your audiences visually. With the right image, your content will flow more smoothly and positively impact your viewers.

Besides using static images, you can also use GIFs to simulate movement on your site. It’s an excellent way to introduce movement to grab your audience’s attention. Besides using GIFs for visual aid, it’s also an opportunity to attach memes to add a bit of fun and humour to your content.

2. Images Improve Your Website’s Shareability

While it’s important to create a compelling website, nothing will beat the raw reach and engagement of connecting your site with social media networks. For this reason, business owners integrate their content marketing campaigns with coordinated social media posts. This increases the visibility of their content by ensuring a wider audience will see their published blogs.

Even if your blogs have great headings, they can still lose to the flood of holiday pictures and product placement on a social media feed. Since you need to win over an audience from a specific social media platform, you’ll be competing against thousands of other content pieces on their feed. Using images can give a sneak peek at the topic you want to discuss, allowing your shared links to attract larger audiences.

3. Images Increase Your Site’s Visibility to Web Crawlers

Search engine web crawlers can still read images even if they cannot interpret them visually. This is because you can add alt text to the images on your blog. Although your readers won’t see the alt text you add, search engine AI will index your site by swooping all corners of your landing pages. Utilising alt text is a great way to improve your site’s visibility without dumping all your key terms on your readers.


There are many smart and creative ways to expand your blog posts’ reach beyond utilising keywords. Besides low competition keywords, post engagement and shareability are two factors web crawlers value highly. This is just one example of diversifying your approach towards SEO. If you want to ensure a robust online presence for your brand, you need to execute these strategies with professional help.

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5 Sustainable Business Practices to Implement in 2021

5 Sustainable Business Practices to Implement in 2021

Over 30 years ago, the United Nations defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In 2021, sustainable living is more important than ever.

Every day, you make choices that impact the environment, the climate, and other living things around you. While it’s important to make an individual choice to reduce your carbon footprint, businesses and corporations going green will have a much more significant impact.

Sustainable business practices are no longer an option—they are imperative for all business owners. Climate scientists have sounded the alarm for years, and people worldwide need to take action today.

Here are some changes you can make for your business to become more sustainable:

1. Build a Sustainability Strategy

Change should come from within, which is why it should be the main priority on all levels of your business, starting from top management. Sustainability should be integrated into your overall business strategy and must be stated clearly in your business goals.

Sustainability is not an overnight change and it will take a tremendous amount of effort. You need a clear plan of action that will shift most, if not all, of your current business practices to a positive direction. Besides your business model, developing sustainability policies concerning your workers is an important step as well. For sustainability to last in the long term, everyone should contribute to its success.

2. team effort

Your employees likely already have some ideas about how to make your business more sustainable. This is a group effort, and no employee should be left behind. You can hold regular all-hands sustainability meetings to solicit ideas and strategies from everyone in your business. Brainstorming with people from all areas of your business will help you make smarter, more practical decisions.

3. vendors & suppliers

Each year, more and more businesses and organisations embrace sustainable practices. Working exclusively with environmentally friendly vendors and suppliers will expand your impact on the environment. Partnering with like-minded business owners, lets you help each become better stewards for the. Highlighting these partnerships with your customers makes them more inclined to spend money on your products and services.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy options are now widely available and more affordable than ever. Switching to renewable energy will significantly lower operating costs and will be much better for the environment. Some energy plans also let you receive incentives from the government as well. If you haven’t made the change to alternative energy yet, the best time to do it is today.

All your employees should also adopt energy-saving habits in every aspect of your workflow. Opt for energy-efficient office products and use environmentally friendly settings on existing equipment. Something as simple as turning off the lights in empty rooms can significantly impact your energy consumption.

5. Stop Using Single-Use Products

Workplaces generate a lot of waste every year. There’s no longer any excuse to continue using single-use products when there are so many affordable and effective alternatives out there. Do an audit of your office supplies and swap them out for sustainable options.


Sustainability should not fall on one individual’s shoulders. If businesses and corporations worldwide employ sustainable business practices, conserving natural resources and ensuring a healthy world for future generations will become a reality.

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