4 Tips to Create a Stunning and Professional Website Design

4 Tips to Create a Stunning and Professional Website Design

From cars to shirts, designs are embedded into everything we see and own today. Some designs are more function-oriented, while others will be more aesthetic-focused. However, when it comes to websites, the balance of the two is vital. Lacking in either looks or utility can mean a bad website people loathe to use, causing them to leave the website quickly to look for another site. As a result, this will increase your bounce rate and decrease your site ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) environment.

If you are worried that your website is not designed correctly or do not know how to do so, fret not. In this article, we will share four valuable tips on how to create stunning and professional designs for your website:

1. Remember to consider white space

This refers to the white area between your content, hence the name white space. Now, you may think that white space is wasted estate on your website, causing you to cram as much content as possible to maximise the space. Unfortunately, this is often a beginner mistake. Professionals know that white space is a designer’s best friend, and by ensuring there is enough white space, the web page becomes more breathable to a viewer!

2. Think about the typography

Texts have been used for many years by businesses to convey messages and ideas to their audience. For a website, the text plays another role other than conveying messages: it dictates the website’s looks. Besides merely sharing a statement, the way you implement the texts will directly affect how the website looks and feels. For this reason, you should limit your typefaces and font to two or three options. If you use too many, your website will look cluttered. Simplicity is the key here, and a simple design is one that will attract customers.

3. Focus on clean page layouts

As mentioned previously, simplicity is the key, and this is the mindset you must keep when designing your website. You may believe that a flashy and colourful website is excellent at attracting visitors. However, the reality is that it is more distracting. By realising that visitors want to quickly get in and out to look for the information you provide, you must offer an easy-to-read and digestible content paired with a simple design. This way, people are more than happy to visit your website and will not have a problem coming back for more!

4. Use colour and pictures tastefully

When it comes to colours and pictures, keep in mind that less often means more. However, we do not mean that you must not use colours or pictures at all. In fact, you should be adding some, but do not go overboard. Also, when picking pictures or colours, use something that reflects your brand and complements each other well. This will create a unified look to your website, ensuring nothing looks out of place or jarring, which can distract and hurt the user experience.


With website designs, you now realise that staying simple makes it much easier and fun to use for visitors. Also, there is less work on your end, not having to create a flashy website. However, designing a website is not an easy process because it takes a lot of effort to get it right. 

If you do not have the time and resources to design your website, you should work with expert web designers online to do the job for you. Through their large portfolios, you can quickly decide which designer offers the design you like and work with them to develop a unique design for your company!

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How a Startup Benefits From Unlimited Graphic Design Services

How a Startup Benefits From Unlimited Graphic Design Services

One of the most helpful things a startup business can invest in is affordable graphic design services. Since most startups barely have flexibility in funds initially, spending on marketing and creatives may be lower on the priority list. The market is incredibly competitive though, and there is a lot of visual content online that grab the attention of potential customers. One of the best ways for brands to share what it’s about, however, lies in a solid visual identity paired with high-quality content.

In order to establish a lasting brand identity, graphic design is crucial.

Here’s how a startup benefits from unlimited graphic design services in Australia:

Graphic design can make or break the first impression potential customers get

There are several avenues that you can use to reach audiences. Ads are a given, but there’s also your logo, packaging and website. It’s also possible for someone to catch wind about your business through someone in their circle sharing content from your social media. Whichever way it happens, it’s necessary that they get a great first impression. 

No matter what you want to put out there about your brand, make sure to get the right graphics with the best quality. This includes 3D animation, illustrations and more. Having eye-catching, informative material consistently across your online channels will help turn casual viewers to full-paying customers.

Graphic design helps to create, establish and streamline a brand identity that’s visual

The ultimate goal of a business, of course, is to sell a product or service to turn a profit. Marketing is the best way to getting that message out there, from introducing your brand to updating your audience as you go along. Visual elements like your logo, packaging, social media content and website design carry a lot of weight. When you’ve established these, it will be easier for people to have brand recall. 

Think about imagery such as a checkmark or rounded ears in the silhouette of a certain mouse. Certain brands came to mind, right? That’s the kind of power graphic design can give your brand.

Graphic design will be able to deliver personalised, strong, relatable advertisements

In order to really catch the public’s interest, putting highly creative ads out there are key. Relatability is a great way to begin a relationship with a potential customer since they love feeling like they have a one-on-one connection. You can go the comedy route and look into having something witty made up, or go another route and make heartwarming, inspiring content. Either way, connecting with consumers on such a close level will come in handy, especially for startups aiming to cut through the noise and stand out amidst stiff competition.


Brand identity is everything, especially when businesses are just starting out. A key part of this involves graphic design. There are multiple benefits to investing in graphic design even if you have a tight budget. You can really set your brand design and make the best possible impression on potential customers.

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Logo Design 101 — Biggest Logo Mistakes You Should Avoid

Logo Design 101 — Biggest Logo Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your branding is one of the most important design elements that your business will have. Besides your packaging, colour schemes, and content art direction, your logo is ultimately the face of your company. Unfortunately, many companies still experience design flops and encounter logo design mistakes, often due to inexperience and insufficient planning. 

If you’ve experienced horrible logo design and branding mistakes, take it all in and use it as a lesson. Besides, having bad experiences will help you evolve and develop your business now that you know what you shouldn’t do. For this reason, some business owners avoid design mistakes by getting graphic design subscription services to ensure that they’re getting high-quality graphic design content. 

So, are you curious about what logo mistakes you should avoid? Keep reading. We’ll share with you the biggest and most common logo design errors most business owners make and how you can prevent them. Let’s get to it!

Using Unprofessional and Amateur Software

There are always advancements in the digital world, which is why there are logo generators and graphic design makers that are readily available and accessible to the public, even those without graphic design experience. Unfortunately, even if they’re easy to use, it shows how unpolished and how poor your design is alongside your other competitors. 

Although not all logo design software and generators are bad, they’re pretty much generic. So when you use these platforms, standing out from the crowd may be quite tricky and establishing your credibility as a brand could be quite challenging for your team. For this reason, it’s best to work with an experienced team of designers to avoid this rookie mistake and create a logo that best represents your company. 

Following All The Trends and Not Putting in Much Thought

Another big mistake business owners and novice designers make is that they can often get excited about new design trends and want to incorporate them into their branding right away. Following trends isn’t necessarily wrong; however, not all trends will work for all companies. Besides that, riding the same wave won’t take you to the same destination or get you the same clients. With that, it’s still crucial that you stand out.

To deal with shiny object syndrome, treat these trends as inspiration instead of something you should do. When you overview the different trends and styles you can do, you’ll find one that’s the best fit for your brand. 

Depending Too Much on Free Images

Graphic design can be quite pricey; that’s why one of the biggest mistakes business owners and novice designers make depends on free image services to get stock images for their branding and logo design. 

When you use free images, you immediately lower your design quality and could even put your company at risk of a lawsuit if the owner recognizes a design they did. This is why it’s essential to invest in exclusive usage and graphic design subscription services to avoid any legal issues and to ensure high-quality design output every time. 

Forgetting to Proof Your Designs

Proofing isn’t only something writers should do; designers should also ensure their formatting is in check. Some graphics and logos may need some words incorporated in its design, and because of this, some may overlook spelling errors and grammar mistakes. 

Failing to proofread your design could be incredibly embarrassing for your company. Consequently, it’s best to go over the design a few times, and some fresh eyes do the same to avoid this unprofessional mistake. 

Why You Need Professionals to Help You with Your Logo

Although doing things on your own could be quite exciting, it’s still vital that you establish professionalism and credibility through your company’s logo. The best way to do this is by trusting design professionals to create high-quality design content for your brand. 

Fortunately, graphic design subscription services are available for business owners like you, so check out their rates and find one that best fits your company!

Are You Looking for Graphic Design Subscription Services?

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4 Benefits of Using Unlimited Graphic Design Services

4 Benefits of Using Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Using blocks of text in your ads would require your target audience to use too much of their time to understand your message. To attract their attention right away and promote instant communication, prioritise incorporating graphic design elements into your marketing strategy.

Seeking graphic design subscription and working with a reliable design team can help you engage your audience more effectively and increase your sales. However, having a limited budget to work with and so many options to choose from can make it difficult for you to pick the best designer. To ensure desirable results for your projects without breaking your bank, consider using unlimited graphic design packages. Here are some ways you can benefit from them:

1. Enables you to stay on budget

Running a business with a limited budget is no easy feat, especially when you must develop a compelling brand identity. Designing your logo is one of the best ways to start, but it can be pricey. That’s why seeking affordable graphic design services is more preferred.

With unlimited graphic design services, you don’t have to worry about limiting yourself in requesting revisions. You can consider different graphic elements until you get the design that best suits your branding. After all, your brand depends on your logo and its complementing graphics. Since you get one flat rate, you can save more money in the long run.

2. Help you manage time better

The famous saying “Time is gold” rings true, especially when you are a business owner. Since you will be devoted to getting more customers, meeting deadlines, and accomplishing other tasks that can help you grow your business, making time to promote your brand can be challenging.

Fortunately, you can avoid spreading yourself too thin and handle brand development more efficiently by acquiring an unlimited graphic design service. You can have peace of mind knowing you have one less thing to worry about. As this graphic design solution frees up your time by taking care of your branding, you can focus more on meeting other business-related obligations.

3. Lets you stay consistent with high-quality work

Knowing your brand’s identity is a vital component of brand development. By working with an unlimited graphic design service team, you can ensure your brand stays consistent as you revise and refine your branding. You can also expect excellent work quality across your channels, which can help your customers and prospects recognise your brand.

4. Produces professionally designed results

Turning your vision into reality for your marketing materials is difficult, especially when you are unskilled in graphic design. Fortunately, you can get professionally designed promotional ads, logos, banners, and more when you work with an unlimited graphic design team. Therefore, you don’t need to struggle to do all the graphic design work on your own because professionals can handle that task for you.


Effective visual communication is key to your business’s success, and one effective way to do that is to work with a reliable design team that offers unlimited graphic design services. This way, you can reap the benefits listed in this article, ensure your professionalism, and get your message across to your target audience.

If you need affordable graphic design, work with 55 KNOTS. We are one of Australia’s leading creative agencies that offer unlimited graphic design plans. Start your free trial today!

3 Graphic Design Options Every Business Considers

3 Graphic Design Options Every Business Considers

Graphic design is one of the most essential parts of marketing and branding. It is where your brand gets its identity and stands out from other businesses, whether it be in the same or in a different field. With the many ways that you can supply your business with well-designed graphics, carefully considering your options is important. 

An effective graphic designer is someone who understands your brand, your goals, and what you wish to accomplish in the future. Whether this is a high-end graphic designer, a cheap graphic design agency, an on-demand graphic design subscription, a freelancer, or even an in-house designer, you have much to consider.

While there is no one option best for everyone seeking graphic design, there is an option that is best for you. With this article, we will fortunately help you narrow down your choices and explore one option you may have not considered before. Let’s begin!

Here are the three graphic design options every business considers:

1 – Design Agency

If you think you’re more likely to only want to hire a graphic design service on a per-project basis, hiring a design agency may be the choice for you. You’ll be able to sort out any existing budget problems as work is usually billed by the hour. 

Design agencies are often a relatively easy way to get quality graphics back for an agreed-upon rate. However, it’s important to remember that you are at the mercy of their schedule. If you need graphics with a tight turnaround, you might also have to pay your agency more. 

There’s a chance that you’ll be needing graphics on a relatively regular basis, and design agencies do cater to this if you prefer to sign a contract rather than opt for payment per-project. Through fixed-term contracts, design agencies usually mandate long-term commitment. Keep in mind that such contracts may make it difficult for you to withdraw if your requirements are over or you are not satisfied with their services.

2 – In-House Graphic Designer

An in-house graphic designer can cater precisely to your needs and dedicate themselves full-time to the role, but this may entail a lot of work for you because you have to find the right fit for your brand. In the process, you’ll have to scour through portfolio after portfolio, choose one applicant, interview them, and offer them a competitive fixed salary, no matter how many graphics they are able to produce. Added benefits will also be a factor for each applicant to ensure that they won’t leave soon. If they do, you’ll have to go through the strenuous process all over again.

3 – Freelancer

Working with a freelancer comes with its own set of challenges. While they usually have a wide range of skills depending on the clients they have worked with, freelancers tend to work at their own pace, especially during busier periods. Turnaround time for the graphics that you need will always depend on the freelancer’s availability.

A Better Solution: Subscription-Based Graphic Design Services

There are undoubtedly times to choose a design agency, in-house graphic designer, or freelancer. But for most businesses, there is a better solution that gets you the best of both worlds: versatility, a quick turnaround, and an affordable price. 

Subscription-based graphic design services is a service that caters to your daily design requirements. You can customize or choose a subscription plan, which usually is a flat monthly fee. For as long as you are subscribed, you can easily place orders and receive graphics within a quick turnaround time that suits your goals. 

Here’s a brief breakdown of the advantages offered by this option:

#1 You can work with experienced designers

Just like in-house designers, you get to work with highly-experienced designers at a flat rate. This then allows you to have greater control over your budget without having to waste time looking for a designer that suits your needs!

#2 You can enjoy a quick turnaround time 

If your business evolves quickly and you can’t afford waiting weeks for a project to be completed, graphic design subscriptions work around your schedule while offering a turnaround time that is relatively faster than freelancers or design agencies. Of course, this is dependent on how detailed your brief is. Try to make it as simple and lay out a clear idea for the designers to work around for them to deliver your designs quickly, efficiently, and of the best quality. 

#3 You don’t have to make a long-term commitment 

With subscription-based graphic designers, you won’t be bound by a contract. Simply choose a plan that fits your needs and start adding requests to your designers! If you’re not happy with the service of a specific graphic designer, you can choose another for any upcoming projects. It’s relatively more hassle-free compared to the commitment you’ll need to have with an agency or with a freelancer.


We understand the struggles that startup businesses undergo, especially when they try to find the best designers that fit their brand and deliver their daily design requirements. Having to go through such a process can get pretty tiring, but with a reliable subscription plan, you’ll have a team you can rely on.

55 Knots is one of Australia’s leading creative agencies, helping our clients reach their goals with beautiful imagery. We’ll make sure that you get the on-demand graphic design subscription that fits your needs.