10 Kick-ass Ad Design Ideas to Kick off Your January Marketing Plan

BY Benjamin

January 23, 2023

It’s already January, mate! Are you feeling pumped to crush your 2023 marketing goals or are you still feeling the holiday slump?

If you can’t push out January content ideas to save your life—we got your back! Kick-off your January marketing content with these kick-ass ad design ideas that are curated for every stage of the marketing funnel.


What’s up with The Marketing Funnel?

The famed Marketing Funnel is the most-used customer-centric model by marketers and brands alike. It is a roadmap to help you navigate the consumer’s journey, from awareness to purchase. Furthermore, mastering the twists and turns of your customer’s buying journey will help you create more effective and high-performance ads.

The Marketing Funnel is divided into three stages: Top of Funnel (ToFu), Middle of Funnel (MoFu), and Bottom of Funnel (BoFu)


Top of Funnel Ad Design Ideas

If you think people will dial down on New Year spending after they blow off money shopping for holiday gifts, you’re wrong. People are on the prowl for new things to kick-start their year.

ToFu ads will work like magic in attracting the eyes of shoppers. It is designed to generate awareness and target people’s pain points.


1. New Product Landing Page

When it comes to designing New Product Landing Pages, there’s no better example than Apple. This Cupertino-based tech giant is the master of generating hype that reaches even those who are not fans of their products.

With a supercharged headline and a crisp hero image of the product, no one can’t miss out on what Apple wants you to see—the new Macbook Pro. And to top it all off, it gives the web visitors a nudge to make the purchase instantly with the imposing red banner placed on top.
Apple also sends an accompanying email newsletter to subscribers as soon as they reveal the new product during their regular keynote sessions.

2. Educational Blog Posts

Boosting your brand’s website SEO score will help you hit two birds with one stone: you position your brand as the authority in your niche, and you will rank higher in Google Search.

Let us paint you a picture: if you have a problem, where do you usually go to look for a solution? You ask a friend, seek an expert, or just Google it. In fact, there are 4.3 billion humans like you who look for answers in this search engine. 

So if you manage to land on Google’s first page whenever people look for answers, imagine how many potential customers will flood your website? So for this stage, try to find high-search keywords used by your demographics, then start creating your blog post around them.

Here are some writing prompts that can help you populate your blog posts:

●   What is [pain point], and what can you do about it
●   X tips that can boost your [current need]
●   Top X [products] that can make your life easier

3. “What To Look Forward To” Social Media Post

Social Media Marketing is one of the top marketing channels used by brands worldwide. Knowing how to play around with it using relevant and quality content will bolster your brand’s success.

Let’s say you are a transient hotel business operating within the tourism industry. Since people are on the lookout for new experiences during the New Year, why not try to create a list of must-see destinations for 2023 that are within your vicinity? You brought value with your ads, and even promote your business on the side.


Middle of Funnel Ad Design Ideas

Once you have attracted the attention of curious New Year’s Day shoppers, it’s time to reel them in deeper with MoFu ads! 

Middle of Funnel is your buyer’s consideration stage—and this is where the real battle starts. With the drastic shift in shopping behaviours (thanks to the global catastrophes we’re facing now), the people’s consideration stage has grown bigger and more complicated. They compare products from different shopping platforms, gather information on websites, and get a feel of the product by visiting the physical stores. 

Here are some MoFu ad ideas to push them out of the messy middle funnel—and into finally making a purchase:

4. 2022 BestSellers Recap Email

Being boring on email marketing will only result in one thing: getting sent to the trash! So, create a Best Sellers Recap Email instead of sending season’s greetings!

Here’s a sample best sellers email from Fab. Instead of sending out a generic list, they’ve featured their best-selling items that match their customers’ faves.

Create a rundown of the hottest items based on what your audience will love, then cap it off by offering a sweet discount code that is especially reserved for them. Personalisation is the key, mates!

5. Testimonial Reels & TikTok Videos

According to a study, 96% of people don’t trust advertisers—and that’s where testimonials come in handy. They will not trust your brand, but people will trust what real people will say about your brand.

So with this thought in mind, you should strengthen your marketing strategy by including campaigns that centre on social proof. And since short-form content is also on the rise this year, gathering social proof and packaging them as short-form content can boost your brand’s credibility.

Here are some prompts to help you shoot your next viral short-form video:

●   How did [product] help with your [pain point]?
●   What is the feature that you liked most about the [product]?
●   How was your experience with [brand]?

6. Branded posts from influencers

People don’t trust advertisers. People trust celebrities slightly. But influencers? They will trust them with their life. 

The reason why people trust micro- and nano-influencers more is that they are homegrown—they are people who they can identify with. These influencers know their niches’ struggles and desires because they are part of their demographic. That’s why it isn’t surprising that influencer marketing ballooned to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

For New Year, tap the micro- and nano-influencers within your target market demographic to create a branded post for you. Not only will it do wonders for your visibility, but a trusted icon giving you a vote of confidence can boost your credibility.

Here’s an example of how influencers can inject your brand into their life stories without being too hard-sell.

7. In-depth blog post

We already said to create an educational post during your ToFu stage. But this time, we’ll go even deeper. Your writing goal for a MoFu blog post is to use long-tail keywords and talk about niche topics that you can find in your target market’s online groups and forums.  

Feeling stumped? Here is some writing prompts to start you out:

●   X reasons why [product] is the best cure for your [pain point]
●   X time-saving hacks for your [pain point]
You are doing [service] wrong: here are X reasons why.


Bottom of Funnel Ad Design Ideas

You have successfully navigated them out of that messy middle funnel! You better strike while the iron is hot and go full power with BoFu ads!

BoFu ads are ads for people who know their problem, the solution, and the specific product they need. And that’s why your ads should address these particular needs, offer a frictionless shopping experience, and throw an exclusive treat to sweeten the deal.


8. Case studies

Showing case studies prove that you have the experience to handle their specific problem—and succeeded. When writing your case studies, you must include all the essential deets, such as the problem, the process, and the solution. But you must keep it tight and juicy! Otherwise, it’ll just be another boring document that will remain unread.

Here is how we “fabulised” our case study for ManyRequests:

After we had laid the groundwork for the case study, we went in-depth into the process. In this section, where we talked about how we revamped their new logo, we came up with something spicier: integrate engagement with the photo slider! 

Go wild and explore how the latest innovation in website design can elevate your case studies to new heights.


9. Omnichannel targeted ads

You have to be everywhere your target market frequents—especially now that they are soooo close to hitting that purchase button. But, thanks to omnichannel marketing, you don’t have to chop yourself in pieces to be at several places at once.

For example, Google’s newly launched Performance Max campaign type allows marketers to run ads on the entire Google inventory using only one creative campaign. That means you only need one ad to run a campaign on websites, YouTube, Gmail, and more! 

Here are the things you have to remember when creating omnichannel targeting ads:

●   Know your platform’s tech specifications for your creative assets
●   Be straightforward without losing your branding.
Test various ad types and messaging to see which will work better for you


10. Pricing page revamp

This probably goes unnoticed most of the time, but you should have a no-fluff pricing page on your website.

This is what the 55 KNOTS pricing page looks like, and we will parse it below:

●   Our on-brand yet no-nonsense headline and a time-based subheadline show how easy it is to come on board with us.
●   Our 4 design plans are cleanly laid out so our clients can see what they can expect from us and easily compare them with our other plans.
Our catchy CTA buttons placed below each plan ensure a frictionless shopping journey.
In case our potential client wants to learn more, they can conveniently book a demo with us by selecting the option below.

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