BY Benjamin

April 4, 2020

Cut-through marketing and design is all about creating an emotional connection between your brand and audience.  Whether you’re trying to educate, entertain or inspire, doggos have been featured in successful brand campaigns and commercials for a long time! 

So sit back, take some deep breaths and get ready to smile some big cheesy grins at our 6 favourite most adorable dogs in marketing campaigns.

1. Weiner Stampede by HEINZ Ketchup

It’s hard to think of anything more delightful than hundreds of sausage dogs dressed in hot dog costumes running in slow motion. This commercial certainly delivers! Accompanied by Harry Nilsson’s song ‘Without You’ we see the joyous stampede of pooches bound toward and jump into the arms of their saucy companions. This commercial captures a beautiful emotional reunion and also showcases a great serving suggestion!

Watch the full ‘Weiner Stampede’ below:



2. Dog Test by Subara

There are plenty of car commercials which focus on their German manufacturing or luxurious leather interiors but Subaru brings a new point of value – “dog tested and dog-approved”. With a few ‘case studies’ we see dogs personified, having a real relatable human experience. This includes having a bad hair day, struggling with directions and getting a truckie pooch to honk his horn on the highway. 

Watch the full ‘Dog Tested’ commercial below:


3. Meet the Dulux Puppies by Dulux

An Old English Sheepdog debuted in a Dulux commercial in 1961. The decision to add a dog was to add a feeling of warmth and homeliness to the filming set of a family home. The Dulux dog has become an icon of the brand used in multiple commercials over the decades and most recently in Dulux’s ‘Meet the Dulux Puppies’ series. These short videos showcase the personality of about 6 different puppies and promote a Dulux dog soft toy which was available for purchase in-store. 

Watch more on  ‘Arthur’ the Dulux Puppie below.


4. Unlikely Best Friends by Kleenex

Trigger Warning! This story by Kleenex is so heartwarming you should definitely grab a box of tissues to have on standby! Without even mentioning the product, this content piece definitely captures the brand’s identity of caring for you and your sniffles and helping you through the tears. The video tells of a beautiful new companionship that forms when an injured dog is adopted by a man in a wheelchair. They name the dog ‘Chance’ who in his own doggy wheelchair or personalised kayak pooch seat likes to get out and adventure with his owner!

Watch the full story of ‘Chance’ and his new family below:


5. Pug Bellboy and Pug Bongos from Hotels.com

Hotels.com assures great customer service by their attentive and utterly charming pug bellboys. Pugs feature all across the company’s marketing content, notably when three pugs are lined up at a resort party and tapped on the tummy, played as  ‘pug bongos’ by their other human mascot ‘Captain Obvious’. 

Watch the full commercial of Pug Bongos below:

6. Hundstol Dog Chair by IKEA

As part of an April Fools Day prank, IKEA marketed the launch of a new product which represented the needs of a modern family; the ‘Hundstol’ high chair for dogs. Presented by a Swedish furniture designer, the video offer seemed compellingly real. The campaign brought IKEA great earned media across the globe and provided for some adorable demo videos of dogs trying out the product. 

Watch more about the Hundstol doggy highchair prank below”


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