What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when a company hires a third party to do certain tasks instead of doing them in-house. It’s often done to save money or access specialised skills.

What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring?

Outsourcing is hiring someone outside your company to do a task. Offshoring is moving a task to another country.

What is recruitment only vs managemenet?

We recognize that businesses often need assistance in finding top talent, so we’ve developed two solutions: one where we source the talent and you manage them, and another where we handle the management for you!

How long will i be locked in for?

Unlike most outsource agencies, we don’t believe in locking clients in annually. Instead, we focus on delivering top-notch service, so you’ll choose to stay with us long-term. We only have 3-month periods, and a first 30 days guarantee.

what if my staff isn't performing?

That’s why our “No Worries Mate” guarantee is here! If you aren’t satisfied with their performance within the first 30 days, you can let us know, and we can swap for another talent or part ways; no hard feelings!

How is your retention rate?

Our team hosts monthly events to boost staff well-being and camaraderie, contributing to our high retention rate. Your investment in training won’t be lost due to unexpected staff departures. Let’s grow together!

How can I make sure my talent is serving 8 hours? Is there a time tracker?

We don’t simply rely on time tracking software. Instead, we have efficient account managers who monitor project time tracking, ensuring an hour paid is an hour served.

What timezone will my talent work?

No worries about time zones! We’ll match you with talent that fits your schedule perfectly.

What does part-time mean?

This means 4 hours per business day.

What does full-time mean?

This means 8 hours per business day.

Can you do custom hours?

Yes we can also find 2 hours or 6 hour blocks.

Do I need to provide software?

No, all the creatives come with their own software & hardware.  If you require a niche software then this may be on you to provide.

Do the candidates speak good english?

Yes!  Our candidates are proficient in English to ensure smooth communication.

How much work can I get done?

That’s a bit like asking how long a piece of string is! Just tell us what you need, and our expert team will quickly give you a timeframe. That way, you’ll know if your talent is on track.

Can you work with limited budgets?

Once you have a budget in mind, share it with us and we’ll show you the best talent we can find within that range.

How much do the talent get paid?

We stand out! We never undercut our talent for extra profit. At our agency, talent gets their full asking price. Let’s value brilliance together!


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