Case study


Discover the creative journey of LOCKEROOM, a premier gym for executives, revolutionised by 55 KNOTS through strategic design and creative excellence.

Connor McAllister Shares His Experience with 55 Knots

In our case study of LOCKEROOM Gym, a premium fitness destination for business executives in Sydney’s CBD, we delve into how we played a pivotal role in transforming their brand identity. LOCKEROOM Gym, more than a typical fitness center, offers a holistic approach to wellness, tailored specifically for the busy lifestyles of corporate leaders.


LOCKEROOM faced significant challenges in resources and staffing, hindering their creative output and branding efforts. They lacked the necessary manpower and diverse creative minds to bring their branding ideas to fruition. This resource constraint was a major obstacle in enhancing their brand’s appeal and customer experience.


55 KNOTS addressed these challenges by providing a team of creative experts who not only met but exceeded the briefs given by LOCKEROOM. They brought innovative ideas and improved on existing concepts, significantly enhancing the branding and design work. Their involvement streamlined the creative process, making complex tasks like creating visually appealing cardio screens more efficient and effective.


The collaboration led to notable improvements in the gym’s overall aesthetics and customer experience. With 55 KNOTS’ input, LOCKEROOM was able to elevate its brand to match the high standards expected in the fitness industry. The solutions provided by 55 KNOTS were not only creative but also cost-effective, making a significant impact as LOCKEROOM continues to grow and solidify its position in the market.

55 Knots felt like a little army of experts. They’re so good at what they do, it feels like there are so many things happening and they just get it all done.  

Connor McAllister,
Chief Marketing Officer,

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