Case study

Accelerating design efficiency:  Zoomo’s journey with us.

Discover how Zoomo scaled its global marketing efforts with a scalable and affordable virtual design team.


As a leading innovator in electric vehicle distribution, Zoomo faced the challenge of matching its rapid growth with equally fast-paced marketing and design solutions. This is how 55 KNOTS played a pivotal role in this journey.

Challenges & Solutions:

Zoomo’s single internal designer was becoming a bottleneck. Partnering with 55 KNOTS, Zoomo decentralised its design capacity, enabling regional teams to create market-specific materials efficiently. 

Impact & Results:

This strategic move streamlined their workflow, removed creative bottlenecks and slashed Zoomo’s marketing material turnaround time from four days to just one.

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, Zoomo is set to enter new markets at an unprecedented pace, with 55 KNOTS by our side, ensuring our design keeps up with our ambitious marketing strategy.

“With 55 KNOTS, we’re not just prepared for today; we’re geared up for the future of global electric vehicle delivery.”

— Tom Mansfield, Head of Marketing, Zoomo

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