Agency Wrap Up – November 2019

Agency Wrap Up – November 2019

Welcome to the November Agency Summary for 2019, the last of our creative summaries for the year. This has been our busiest month to date, so busy in fact we’ve welcomed Bronwyn to the team to help manage the creative traffic and studio capacity. (Welcome, Bron!)

This month we picked up our camera for three photoshoots. Our first shoot was at the Black Dog Institute. Working closely with the marketing team, we set-up pretended meetings, training scenarios and a mock fundraiser to create an extensive set of images for the team to use across the business.

We also travelled to the Blue Mountains for StJohn Axbey Interiors to capture some interior shots of two charming interiors in Katoomba.

This month we worked with on their Christmas & Cyber Frenzy out of home Campaign. Working with the team, we helped retouch their oOH photography and roll-out of their brand campaign on billboards, buses, trams and digital display.

GoDaddy came to us to put together a small marketing campaign for their Cyber Frenzy sales that appeared in both the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

We worked with Cartology to build a case study video, presentation deck and onsite assets to promote the massive success they achieved with The Lion King Collectibles campaign.

And last but not least we continued to work with the team at Rezdy on a Series B investor pitch deck, as well as a creative refresh to their affiliate marketing with GetYourGuide and a new frequently asked questions page.

We want to thank our clients for your support in 2019, we’ve had a genuinely humbling first year, with much more success then I could have hoped for.

Just a reminder we’re closed between the 20th December through to 6th January, so if you have any pressing briefs, please get them in by the end of the week.

Otherwise, we look forward to working with you in 2020, and we wish you a very festive season and a happy new year!

Agency Summary – October

Agency Summary – October

Welcome to our monthly overview, this month, I want to share our top 10 call outs across the business from October starting with:

1. We’ve moved address

We’ve been operating from the home office for most of the year, but finally decided to ditch the pj’s and move into a shared co-working space. We enjoy the new digs with its super-fast fibre connection, and inspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups – you can now find us on the 56th floor of the MLC Building.

2. We’ve said hello to new team members

We welcomed Ryan to the team; Ryan will be working with us on various creative design projects across the business daily, and I couldn’t be more excited to have the extra hands.

My name is Ryan and I’m a graphic designer, I specialise in branding, social media, print and web; my interests are music, design, and programming. I enjoy visiting beautiful places, discovering and learning new things, hanging out with positive people, sharing ideas and collaboration – I have a keen interest in business and self-development topics.

We’ve also been expanding our network of freelancers, which we’ve been utilising quite extensively over the month on a variety of jobs from illustration, systems engineering, administration, and high-end retouching.

3. We created a massive report

We worked with the team at the Black Dog Institute to build a 72-page report on suicide prevention. Which in summary, is a guidance for a systems approach to suicide prevention for rural and remote communities in Australia

4. We finalised a brand identity

In collaboration with Unbound, we finalised the brand identity for Financial Solutions by Design, landing on this logo for their brand refresh.

5. We produced a spec document

Working with the team at Cartology we produced a Screen Network Spec document for their vast network of screens found in Woolworths stores nationwide to assist third-party advertisers creating assets for their screens.

6. We helped Rezdy make an entrance

Working with the team at Rezdy we worked on numerous brand-related collateral for their Arival Event in Orlando. We worked on pull-up banners, stickers, handouts and more.

7. We worked on over 20 Google Slide Decks

We spent quite a measurement of hours working on Google Slide decks for Cartology and Rezdy this month. It’s safe to say we’ve learned all the shortcut keys for Google Slides, and they’ve almost become second nature.

8. We photographed the 170th Balmain Regatta

We were invited to cover the 170th Balmain Regatta via our sister company Spot-A-Yacht Photography – and it’s always an absolute pleasure to combine my two favourite past-times of sailing and photography.

9. We threw some motion in the ocean

Again we love creating those simple motion graphics that give a little extra oomph to your internal presentation, pitch deck or external communications.

10. Business as usual

We like to think that 55 KNOTS is your creative execution partner, and we love helping all our clients with their Business as Usual campaigns, and we do quite a lot of them throughout the month, from small images to social templates – we’re here for whatever you need.

That’s it from me this month; we have some more significant things in the pipeline – I look forward to sharing with you next time.

Benjamin Williams
Creative Director

Creative Summary – September

Creative Summary – September

We’ve had a fantastic month here at 55 knots working on a variety of different projects and working with some exciting new clients. Below you’ll find our top highlights for the month.


To start, we’d like to introduce our new home page with its fancy paper sailboat animation. We always want things simple and straight to the point, so we’ve simplified our website into a single one-pager (plus blog).


Since launching 55 KNOTS we always wanted to make sure we contribute to something close to our hearts, and yes, you guessed it, it’s the ocean.

We reached out to the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an Australia-wide not-for-profit organization dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris to offer some of our creative services. We helped build and promote their upcoming October statewide beach clean up through means of a flyer and social posts.

Have you registered a site for this year’s WA Beach clean-up? It’s coming up soon (Oct 19th & 20th) and we hope you can join us. Many thanks to Benjamin and the 55 Knots crew for creating our snazzy video. Check it out!

Posted by Tangaroa Blue on Monday, September 16, 2019

To find out more or how you can get involved check them out here.


We’re excited to announce that we’ve just started working with Cartology. Cartology is a branch of Woolworths, and they “use data-driven marketing solutions to directly connect your brands to Woolworths customers at the moments that matter.”

The work we’ve done so far for Cartology has been confidential; however, what we can say is their google decks have been hit with creative impact.

We’ve also been working with the team on some in-store creative you’ll see in Woolworths in coming weeks.


We’re excited to announce that we’ve also started working with the Black Dog Institute. In September we worked on two video and photo projects.

The first project was a simple video update on the suicide prevention intelligence system ahead of the Governments announcements on the latest health statistics for Australia.

The second, a custom photo shoot to extend the marketing teams image library. A custom image library means Black Dog is able to speak directly to their products and services and narrow in on a cohesive style.

We’ve got two more shoots with Black Dog on the horizon as well as an awesome explainer video I look forward to sharing with you next month.


We were invited back to the Nearmap offices to film an update on customer experience and success. We continued this video update in the fireside theme and recorded a series the team could email across the business in a three-part email.

According to Nearmap, they find content delivered in this way more snackable and engaging than one long video piece or email update.


We’re working on a new brand identity for Kickback as well as a brand refresh for Financial Solutions by Design. Both brands are in the final stages of selection; however, you’ll find some logo concepts from the cutting room floor below.


We build an extensive array of creative for Rezdy, and we’d be here for some time if we showed you all of it.

Instead, here are our highlights from their weekly email communications, as well as the variety of creative we produced for their 8th Birthday celebrations. (Infographics, Bingo Cards & Animations!)

And on that note, we’d also like to wish Rezdy and the team a very happy 8 Years!

That’s all from us this month, I look forward to sharing with you what we get up to over the month of October.

Benjamin Williams

Creative Summary – July & August

Creative Summary – July & August

The July update is a little late as I was requested to attend and shoot a wedding in Santorini last month (a tough gig I know), so I’ve consolidated our previous two months into one. Without further ado below are the highlights from the August & July.

Launch of the SasphireLegal Website

The last piece in the Sasphire Legal rebranding puzzle was the relaunch of their website. We finally got all the ducks in a row, and at the start of July, we launched the new site to the world. The Sasphire Legal team is over the moon with the results, but you should check it out for yourself.

Credit Health Hype Video – Credit Card Compare

We’ve been working with the team at Credit Card Compare on a hype video for their social networks to help promote their new credit health app which launched for both Apple and Android devices June. Below is the final result, I’m sure you’ll want to rush straight over and download the app.

Portrait Photography

I had the joy of shooting corporate portraits at the Rezdy office again this month as well as a close friend who swears you can’t take a good photo of her – I do believe I proved her wrong. 🙂

Amy & Stephanie also popped into the studio for matching portraits to give their new venture that extra polished look..

Google Slide Branding Template – Rezdy

We’ve been working with Rezdy to build an extensive new Google Slides template the team can use across the business. We’ve sourced over 10,000 icons for Rezdy to use across a vast array of categories to meet virtually every need.

Pup&Co Clothing Fashion Shoot

Pup&Co required some new shots of their signature tees, hoodies and beanies; we worked with the team to shoot a mixture of looks within our studio resulting in quite an extensive new library for Pup&Co

It’s all about the motion

We’ve been doing many animated gifs for emails and social posts. Below are some of our favourites from the last few months.

Santorini Wedding

I don’t usually take requests to do wedding’s, to be honest, I am petrified of Bridezillas – However, I made an exception for some close friends, and with such a stunning backdrop it made this shoot a breeze.

Below are a couple of my top picks from the wedding of Andrea & George.

The Future

We are working on some exciting new brand projects and website launches for clients that I can hopefully share with you next month. We’re also finalizing an exciting new partnership with Australia’s wonder of the world. But more on that next time!

Creative Summary – May

Creative Summary – May

Welcome to our first monthly overview of what we’ve been working on here at 55 KNOTS, whether it’s for our clients or on our own passion projects, below you’ll find our highlights from the month of May.

Corporate Portraits

We’ve done several corporate portrait shoots throughout May — Matt, Jacob, Gill, Nikki and Julie all came through our Drummoyne studio for an in-studio session.

We also had the pleasure of providing Rezdy with a full-day on-location corporate team shoot at their HQ in Surry Hills. We captured a variety of images from professional Linkedin headshots to fun interactive group photos.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”6″ exclusions=”159,156″ display=”pro_sidescroll”]
Portraits of a Sailor

This month we also started work on our coffee table book “Portraits of a Sailor” which we’re scheduling for release just in time for Christmas.

What is Portraits of a Sailor? I hear you say.

Essentially, we’re on the quest to find sailors with the most exciting stories; whether they’ve sailed through storm cells, or perhaps they’ve broken world records (like sailing around Australia the fastest non-stop)… or even if they’re making strides for diversity within the industry – if they have a story that meets any of these requirements, we want to hear about it.

The stories we find most intriguing will receive a complementary dramatic portrait alongside their written account PLUS they’ll be featured in our coffee table book. We have a few exciting stories lined up for the series, one that requires a snow storm reenactment — Queue the snow machine. If you have a story or know someone with a killer story, please get in touch.

The Vintage Collection – Product Photography

Wise Up Marketing needed some product photography for JoJo Jetty’s Vintage Wine Collection, at first we thought this was going to be a walk in the park, it turns out photographing wine is a lot trickier than you’d imagine, particularly when the brief called for precise lighting from the client.

We learnt much about shooting wine, and the different light setups you need for reds vs whites. We’re super pleased with where they ended up, so much, in fact, we created a new wine bottle shooting service. The best part about this shoot was tasting the wines at the end. Glass well deserved. Cheers.

GoDaddy oOH Rollout

Our experience has always been client-side, so we know first-hand one of the major pain points when it comes to using larger agencies, and that’s how much they charge for simple tasks. An uncomplicated campaign rollout can cost upwards of $10k with a larger agency, but that’s where we come in.

What we do here at 55 KNOTS is cut out all those unnecessary layers (account managers, creative directors, designers, finished artists etc) and roll out an entire campaign using just a single resource.

What this meant for GoDaddy is that they could spend less money on production and more money where it counts – eyeballs on their campaign.

We rolled out the GoDaddy campaign Australia-wide saving at least $4k in production fees.

eBook and Social Animations

We worked with Rezdy to design their latest eBooks on automation.

We also created some animated graphics to help draw attention to both their Sell More and Save Time with Automation eBooks on their social networks, primarily Facebook and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

We worked on various email campaigns throughout the month. Fundamentally with Rezdy, working with their support team to create a new IT support ticket, as well as two new auto-responders for both support and sales contact queries.

Brand Refresh

We’ve also been working with Sasphire Legal to refresh their overall brand look and feel. Their current branding was beginning to feel a little dated, something that became extremely obvious to us when we started to build a new website using the old brand colours and logo.

Yet, when refreshing their look we didn’t want to overhaul their brand completely and lose any brand awareness they may already have in their industry — so, we opted to evolve their brand into something more modern, a new colour profile that was more dynamic, a modern sans serif font and a small brand identity guide.

Website Design & Development

We’ve been working very closely with Rezdy to update and bring new life to some of their core pages. We’re working on a handful of new pages and experiences that will launch over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for next months summary to find out what they might be!


Overall it’s been a great first month here at 55 KNOTS we’ve worked on a mixed bag of projects, from motion to email. We really dig the diverse range of projects that are thrown our way. We have some exciting new projects in the works, one featuring Nicole Kidman, but more on that next time.

The Leap From Security to Uncertainty

The Leap From Security to Uncertainty

So after months of feeling burnt out, approaching six years with the same company, and knowing I had hit the ceiling in terms of career progression, I was grappling to figure out where to go next. I started looking at alternative corporate gigs, applying for jobs and going to interviews but I wasn’t getting that enthusiastic about the suggestion of doing a comparable position in a different organisation.

I’ve always been a person who loves a good side hustle, but even the motivation to keep these going was beginning to feel like a burden rather than a passion, so something had to change, and I needed it to change soon.

I started to look a little more inward at what inspires me, my passions, my fears, and whether or not I was working towards my goals or preventing them. Naturally, I thought a new job in a new organisation would entertain me and give me a burst of energy, but in reality, I knew it would dissolve quickly.

So, I decided to look back to the first time I felt passionate about my future. The earliest memory I have was in the sandpit at school considering my first ever business, a company that was going to design and distribute theme park merchandise–of course, I had no capital, so I had to make merchandise from toilet paper rolls, glue and paint.

After having my first sandpit board meeting with my best friend, I went home and called the local theme park and asked if I could meet with the CEO as I had some products that might interest him. I remember the phone call so distinctly with the theme park insinuating the CEO would call me back; of course, he never did, but from that day, I’ve always wanted to make it on my own.

I’ve had many hustles over the years, in which I’ve always endeavoured to launch behind the protection of a full-time job, but I’ve never truly nourished these ideas into something more profound than some extra pocket money, and a killer of my spare time. So, after looking back over the years, I decided I must become a full-time entrepreneur, and I must take that leap immediately.

So, 55 KNOTS was born, I incipiently intended to ramp up to a defined amount of cash flow before I vaulted from security, but I found myself doing the same thing again, hiding behind the protection of my full-time corporate gig. This time it needs to be different, and I need this to work. So I have to shift my mindset, I must take a distinctive approach, and so I am jumping wholeheartedly into uncertainty.

So here I am, resignation handed in, a life of uncertainty placed out before me. Yet, I have an extensive measure of enthusiasm, drive and purpose, and I’m excited for the challenges on the road ahead.