A Few Elements of Good Graphic Design for Businesses

A Few Elements of Good Graphic Design for Businesses

Graphic design is an essential part of a business. It can create a unique identity for your brand and an excellent impression on your market. Graphic design also serves to pass on the message your brand wants to communicate to the audience.

Graphic design can boost your business’s image to the general public. It can prove the credibility of your business and showcase your professional work. You can gain the trust of consumers through your graphic design, which is why yours needs to be of excellent quality. This article will show how you can improve the graphic design of your business.

Follow Graphic Design Influencers

Graphic Design Influencers are most likely to post their experiences and share their tips online. Their content involves their secrets to successful graphic design, which is handy for marketers and business owners. Luckily, many graphic design influencers are active on various social media platforms. 

You can ask them just by commenting and posting on their page. You can also message them directly through their social media accounts. They also want recognition from others, making them feel good when other people ask questions. 

Start a Graphic Design Blog for Your Business

For business owners learning graphic design, it is good to document the whole process through a blog. Not only will this show transparency, but it can serve as inspiration to other entrepreneurs. This will help you make a good impression on your industry, which is useful for future partnerships and collaborations. Once you gain followers, more people will be curious about your business.

Participate in Graphic Design Communities

As a business owner, being involved with design companies is essential. Not only can you learn from different graphic designers, but you can connect with the people in the industry. The Graphic Artists Guild is one organisation that graphic designers and business owners can join. Graphic Design Communities are useful for beginners.

Make a Portfolio

For graphic designers and business owners, having a portfolio is very significant. It serves as proof that you are competent in your field. You can add a detailed report about how you solve design problems and make strategies. The portfolio can give you an image of a self-learning business owner who can solve issues within their company.

Listen to Feedbacks and Criticisms

Hearing high-quality feedback and criticisms on your graphic design from honest people is great for improving your skills. Without feedback, you wouldn’t know what the general public wants. Social media and online forums are some of the best platforms for feedback. Professional and experienced designers will gladly share their insights with you. Through this, the critics will know your strengths and weaknesses in graphic design, which can help you develop your skills.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of effort and time to learn about graphic design. Starting from scratch, especially in graphic design, is hard when starting a business, but there are many ways you can gain knowledge and experience.

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4 Pillars of Effective Graphic Design for Business Website

4 Pillars of Effective Graphic Design for Business Website

Websites have come a long way from looking like an online brochure filled with blue hyperlinks, plain coding, and flat imagery. There was no room, demand, or technology to blend ideas, imagery, and text into one seamless, engaging platform, but websites have evolved into a bigger channel today. 

After all, today’s tech-savvy world thrives on visuals, so graphic design now has a greater role to play in website-building and marketing in general. But beyond impressing visitors with a pretty page, graphic design should reflect a company’s brand and shape a positive user experience to effectively produce results. 

There are plenty of tips and tricks to improve your website’s graphic design, but the list below reveals the pillars that every compelling and enthralling website have today:

1. Brand consistency

A website serves as a company’s virtual identity, one that helps consumers identify what makes your business unique in a saturated, digital space. Graphic design makes it possible to incorporate elements that best capture the essence of your brand, allowing you to achieve consistent branding to reinforce brand recognition to your viewers. 

2. Easy to understand navigation

Visitors should be able to explore your website’s contents freely and smoothly without any blunders that lose their interest. Keep in mind that the ease of navigating your website will have a significant impact on the buyer’s journey, so a confusing layout with hard-to-find pages leads to customer frustration, incomplete checkouts, and a higher bounce rate. 

3. Engaging and informative

Websites should inform your viewers about who you are and what you offer. Aside from a high-quality, dedicated page for your products or services, it’s important to incorporate design elements to strengthen the impact of your message and make your content more engaging. 

Using relevant and eye-catching imagery, for instance, can get your message across at just a glance and support your content. On the other hand, infographics provide visual pointers packed with information yet packaged in fun-to-read nuggets.

4. Fast loading speed

Web surfers now have shorter attention spans, and search engine bots also consider the website’s loading speed as a critical ranking factor, which means an effective graphic design should produce quality visuals in a snap. The right designer should be able to scale down your site’s coding without compromising the quality of your design.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Unique Ways to Improve Graphic Design for a More Engaging, Visually Compelling, and Results-Driven Business Website

Graphic design can do so much for your business than meets the eye. Not only does it visually represent your branding and beautify your pages, but it also provides a smooth-sailing UX experience that can bring you closer to your goals. 

Whether it’s to drive more traffic, convert more customers, or establish a stronger online presence, graphic design can pull all the right stops your business needs to hit all your digital marketing goals. 

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Logo Reveal – What It Is and How to Have One for Your Brand

Logo Reveal – What It Is and How to Have One for Your Brand

As a brand owner, you need to invest in marketing to get your business out there. One of the most important elements of your brand is your logo. When you have the logo design figured out, you might want to consider a logo reveal. 

Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal, also known as Logo Sting or Stinger, is a great way to build up your brand. This is a computer animation of your logo that is usually placed at the end of the video. As you know, video is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools today because it allows you to showcase your brand in more interactive and engaging ways. 

With a logo reveal, you get to help your customers enjoy your videos even more. Clever animation is entertaining and attractive. 

It can include simple fly-ins or 3D animations. You can always go for something simple, basically, any way you want to showcase your brand’s uniqueness. Here are some tips when making a logo animation:

Watch and Take Notes

It’s a good idea to watch as many logo animations as you can. You can also observe your competitors to help you see what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of things you can pick up by simply watching logo animations online, so make sure you take notes. 

Portray Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity should be seen and felt in your logo animation. So, think about what your brand stands for and how you can portray this in your logo animation. You can have the logo behave in certain ways to emphasise the feelings you want your brand to be identified with. 

Build Up Curiosity

Make your customers want to see more of the animation. This will only take a few seconds, which means you really need to make every frame count. You can show the entire logo at once or you can make each part appear sequentially or show a small detail and reveal the logo piece-by-piece. 

Make It Dynamic

If you want to capture the attention of your viewers, you need to invest in dynamic logo animation. Show off your brand, but make sure you entertain your clients at the same time. This will keep their eyes peeled and make them want more. By doing so, you will be able to make a good and positive impression that will make your logo reveal a success. 

Make Sure It’s Short

No one likes watching long brand videos, unless you’re telling a story. In this case, it’s a logo reveal; therefore, it should be short and quick. Keep the animation under 10 seconds. The shorter the video is, the better it is for your brand. 


With a logo reveal, you can highlight your brand’s logo, which is an essential element of your company’s identity. Investing in logo animation will go a long way. Use these tips to help you create the best logo animation that can boost brand awareness and recognition. Better yet, work with a creative agency to come up with a logo that best represents your brand.

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How Can Motion Graphics Videos Help Your Business

How Can Motion Graphics Videos Help Your Business

The power of videos for business is undeniable. Some people hate reading long-text content but are much engaged with watching videos. How much more when motion graphics–with text, voiceover, numbers, animations and sounds–are used? Perhaps they can capture the viewer’s attention more effectively! For business owners, this can be used to drive traffic, improve conversions and build engagement.

Motion graphics videos are enhanced by using various technologies and techniques such as virtual reality, 2D and 3D animation and 360-degree videos. Some traditional hand-drawing techniques are also utilised to create interesting results.


Top benefits of motion graphics videos for businesses

Using motion graphics sounds like fun, but can they impact your business? Here are the benefits of using motion graphics for your brand.


It can simplify hard-to-explain topics

When people want to learn new things, they search online for how-to guides. However, some content topics are hard to explain in words alone. But with the help of videos, complex ideas become easier to understand. In a minute or two, with the help of visuals, illustrations and voiceovers, the viewer can understand the content. There’s no need to read a lengthy blog post! 

Educating viewers will also be effective, especially if discussing difficult subjects like physics or topics that need visual aid, like fixing a leaky plumbing system. Let’s admit it. Most customers have a short attention span. In fact, the human brain is observed to process visual information 60,000x faster than data in text format!

It serves as an effective brand strategy

As we all know, branding is the process of building a positive image of a business. An effective branding solution must target the right audience. One effective way to do that is to use motion graphics. They can attract the audience’s attention by being relatable. 

These videos are powerful tools to increase awareness and help in launching your products and services. They can also help in improving brand reputation. Not only that, but audio and visual content can effectively demonstrate and explain what the brand needs to talk about.

You’ll also have a higher engagement score with easily shared content like videos that can allow real-time feedback.

These videos are powerful tools to increase awareness and help in launching your products and services. They can also help in improving brand reputation. Not only that, but audio and visual content can effectively demonstrate and explain what the brand needs to talk about.

You’ll also have a higher engagement score with easily shared content like videos that can allow real-time feedback.

Videos are highly engaging

Video marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing strategies for business owners. Videos are observed to get more shares, comments and engagements on social media. In fact, your content can go viral because of the engaging motion graphics that can be watched within seconds and minutes. There’s no need to spend a long time and effort because the content for a product or service is effectively simplified. It is not boring to learn; instead, it can be highly entertaining!

It creates a multi-sensory experience

Videos aim to touch the different senses of a person. Since motion graphics videos contain various content formats, they allow engagement among different audiences. As a result, they get an added value to their preferred type of content. They can listen, read, watch or view the content, all in one content medium.


Video content is always an effective tool to entice audiences and retain their interest. Videos that make use of motion graphics are helpful in attracting the target market, boosting conversions and promoting engagement. With the undeniable impact of motion graphics and video marketing as a whole, it’s important to generate high-quality and effective videos that will give you the results you want. This is possible with the help of a skilled graphic design agency.

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Graphic Designer vs. Graphic Artist—What’s the Difference_

Graphic Designer vs. Graphic Artist—What’s the Difference_

The English language is so broad and varied that any non-native speaker would have difficulty learning it. English is, understandably, confusing—some words sound the same but have different meanings, some have similar spellings but different definitions and pronunciation. Meanwhile, others have entirely different spellings but have one meaning!

Dinner and supper, car and vehicle, centre and middle—these pairs of words have no significant connection with each other except for their one similarity: they are all interchangeable. Synonyms have been an essential part of the English language, as it helps improve one’s oral and writing skills. 

We have thousands upon thousands of synonyms in the dictionary to choose from; you will never run out of words to use in your sentences. Although the English language has an abundance of synonyms, it’s important to note that “graphic designer” and “graphic artist” isn’t one of them!

“Graphic Designer” and “Graphic Artist” Aren’t Synonyms

Design is art, and art is design. While this remains true, it doesn’t mean that designers and artists are the same. Not all designers are artists, and not all artists can be designers—asking for graphic design services from a graphic artist just wouldn’t make sense!

Some people may be graphic designers and graphic artists simultaneously, but this doesn’t change the fact that these two terms aren’t interchangeable

To further understand how these professions are different, let us break down the objectives and tasks involved with being a graphic designer and a graphic artist:


What Is a Graphic Artist?

Graphic artists are responsible for using their imagination and creative skills to create imagery that facilitates an idea or story. Unlike Van Gogh, Picasso, or other artists you may be familiar with, graphic artists use their digital canvas to make art, but they do use some sort of traditional artistry.

The visuals created by a graphic artist can be used as a platform for a story, but it can also involve no logic. There is no limit to what a graphic artist can do—their works can be varied and used in different mediums, and they have the freedom to break or bend standard design principles when needed! 

A graphic artist aims to connect to others. Through their art, they must be able to entertain, touch, or relate to the audience.

A graphic artist’s portfolio could include:

  • Illustrations;
  • Cartoons;
  • Movie Illustrations;
  • Graphic Novels; and
  • Comic Books.

What Is a Graphic Designer?

On the other hand, a graphic designer creates designs that capture a client’s message and urge the target audience to interact with it. Their work must be able to get the viewer to purchase, click, scroll, or read. Designers must present a visual solution to communication problems, backed by logic and the science of art.

Unlike graphic artists who have the freedom to break and bend the rules, graphic designers rely on design principles in creating their works to resonate with a specific demographic. Every creation is based on calculations—the fonts, styles, and colours used in their compositions must drive engagements and achieve results.

Graphic designers usually produce work like:

  • Logo design;
  • Marketing collateral;
  • Infographics;
  • Web design; and
  • Instructional design.


These two professions are equally important, but they are far from being the same. Graphic designers and graphic artists may rely on visuals to execute their work, work in digital and print, and have the word “graphic” in their name, but that’s where their similarities end. Although different from each other, both can create dynamic work that will serve their purpose.

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What You Should Know When Working with a Graphic Designer

What You Should Know When Working with a Graphic Designer

Is it your first time working with a graphic designer? Then the chances are that you might be unsure about where you should begin, how you should proceed with your projects, and even what types of work you could actually give them.

You must have a lot of questions at the beginning stages, and most of these will be gladly answered by professionals who offer the best graphic design services. Remember that designers are often more than willing to discuss their work’s scope and methods and give clients an idea of what they could expect from their collaboration.

To help you navigate your new relationship with your graphic designer, here are some things you should know:

What Do Writers and Marketers Need to Know?

Graphic designers see you as their creative partner – they’re not a separate sector. You might do different tasks, but your goals are the same. Just like how a content writer would do their best to get a client’s message across to the audience, so do graphic designers.

What Do Graphic Designers Want to Know from Their Copywriter?

In current instances, copywriters and graphic designers do work separately, especially now that people are mostly working remotely. That said, it’s still a good idea to have everybody working on one project be on the same page. For instance, give your graphic designer the main point of the content piece for which they’ll create a design, or give the concept of the campaign to them. Communication is really important if you want everything to be cohesive.

One way to do this is to inform the graphic designer beforehand if the approach you’re doing is on the humorous side or whether it’s a serious client or campaign. Things like this also affect the style and decisions that a graphic designer makes when it comes to the use of colour palettes and font styles.

When Is the Best Time to Hire a Graphic Designer for a Project?

Some might think you should have the graphic designer present from the very beginning. Yet, the thing is that it makes more sense to bring them in once you have settled on the concept and the content you want to use for the project. Once you have agreed on the copy and there will be no major changes, you can start briefing the designer. Then, provide them with as much information about the campaign as possible, not just snippets of the copy they’ll work a design for.

What If You Don’t Have a Clue About What You Want for the Design?

Don’t fret; you’re not the first one who approaches a designer and tells them you’ve absolutely no clue whatsoever about what you want. This is often the case with book authors who have no idea about how their book cover should look like. In such cases, your designer will ask you several questions about your project or your book and give you several options for colours and design elements. In the end, it’s still you who will have the final say about the design.


Working with a graphic designer is no different from working with other creative professionals. Even if it’s your first time working with one, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions or give directions because they’re expecting you to do those things. The important point is that you both get on the same page as soon as possible so that you can start working harmoniously! Of course, your experience working with a graphic designer will also be affected by factors like who you actually choose to do the job.

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