Are you in search of some easy design ideas to give your social media a boost this February?  If so, check out these five ideas and give yourself a boost in social reach, new followers and (hopefully) new customers.


1. Your Company’s Blog Post

Suppose you’re keeping up with regular posts for your blog? whether it’s for SEO purposes or you have lots to say — don’t miss this easy opportunity to post your blog content on your social channels.

Use an engaging image, combined with sharp copy to cut through the noise and boost your blog content and social reach. Best for: Facebook & Linkedin


If you’re trying to get new customers in the doors, a good portion of them may already be considering your product or service. However, sometimes all they need is some social proof to push them off the fence and into your DMs.

Create beautifully designed social posts showcasing your street cred by highlighting client testimonials and reviews.

Top top — keep the testimonial sharp and to the point. Best for: Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram

3. Tips & Tricks Carousel

Carousels do well on Instagram and Linkedin.  Be seen as the expert in your field by using carousels to share  pro-tips and provide value to your existing and new audiences. They’ll appreciate you for it and see you as the expert, PLUS as a bonus when it all hits the fan they’ll come running to you help save the day.

Carousels are more engaging than your typical post, and you can create these by uploading a series of images on Instagram or a PDF on Linkedin.  Best for: Linkedin & Instagram


Yep. We’re all guilty of it, and we all love an inspirational quote. Find relevant quotes for your industry and get a designer to whip up some feel-good mastery that pulls on the right heart strings.  Best for: Instagram


Sharing posts about your team is an excellent way to get organic reach. Share a photo, with a pull quote on why what they do, why they love working for your company, and what they do for fun.

These little gems boost social reach from the staff members family and friends. It’s a fantastic way to scoop up extra likes and followers. Plus, it gives your business more authenticity and insight into your companies culture.

Pro Tip: Tag your employee.  Best for: Facebook


Now you have some quick content ideas you can post weekly —  if you need any help putting together some posts for your business, jump onboard a 14-Day Free Trial of our unlimited design service!