BY Benjamin

September 6, 2021

As a business owner, you want your brand to be recognised in the slightest promotion or mention. Many marketing strategies are dedicated to improving brand recognition all over the market, and some of them are very effective. One of these is branding your communication channels. 

Maximising brand recognition entails spreading your visual identity across all your communications. That includes social media, websites, phones and emails. You want your visual identity spread on anything related to your brand so that customers will see them and strongly associate with it. 

An essential element of effective communication channels branding is graphic design. This visual element is effective at engaging and building relationships with customers, so your brand becomes more recognisable. 

Here are four of the most common communication channels and how you can imprint your brand on them:


Websites are the best tool to utilize for branding because it is essentially designed to promote your business. You should put your logo, brand name and other identifiers that customers can easily associate with your brand on your website. 

Think about how your website is your business profile in the digital world. Now that customers are more likely to check websites first before going to physical stores, it’s important that your branding is imprinted on it. 


Phone calls can be a little tricky since you can’t add any visual element to them. But there are still ways to incorporate your branding into this communication channel. For instance, you can record a welcome message or a short on-call message that customers will hear when they contact you. Make the message creative and engaging, so your branding becomes effective.


For emails, branding can take the form of an email signature. It is a short, eye-catching and professional stamp at the end of your email that reflects your business name, identity and services. Ideally, it should give the customer brief and memorable information about your business.

Avoid crowding your email signature with unnecessary information. Just indicate a few details like your name, photo, title, company logo, communication channels and other legal requirements. Email signatures are the digital world’s letterhead and business cards, so aside from being informative, they should also be on-brand. 

In addition to the key information, you may also put a promotional banner at the end of the email signature as part of your marketing campaigns. 


Social media is becoming the business owner’s most powerful marketing tool. It is the most effective medium to connect with customers and reach an audience that might be interested in your brand. When you brand your social media channels, you can improve brand awareness and recognisability, as well as build relationships with potential customers. 

Your social media platform’s profile picture can be a logo of your company or an on-brand illustration. You might find that the latter is more effective in social media while the former is a better fit for professional accounts like LinkedIn.  

Your Facebook cover photo offers a good marketing opportunity for promotions, offerings and company events. It’s better to constantly update your social media profile so it doesn’t look outdated. For Instagram, you can upload high-quality photos that highlight your products since it is the most visually appealing platform. 


Branding your communication channels allows you to promote your brand digitally and imprint a lasting impression on customers. Businesses that do effective branding are more recognisable and visible to a broader audience and even reach potential customers for better business growth.

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