BY Benjamin

March 27, 2022


They always say, “Your brand has to tell a story”. One of the most critical parts of that story is visuals. But the right visuals require the PERFECT designer for your brand, which can be impossible to find.

Well, not if you have these tips in your back pocket!

At 55 KNOTS, apart from providing on-demand graphic design subscriptions, we also have Design Mates. Through this program, we partner with businesses and provide them with a dedicated designer who is the perfect artist to bring out the best designs for their brand.

We have several Design Mates on board, and our clients couldn’t be happier! So at the risk of exposing our hiring secrets, I’d like to share some tips in finding your designer!


Don’t look for “The Designer+”

Who doesn’t want a jack of all trades?! Many job listings out there want to find “The Designer+”. They want ONE person who is a designer+copywriter,  designer+animator, designer+marketing strategist, designer+timetraveller. There may be a couple out there, but for your brand to succeed, you’ll need a designer who is EXCELLENT at doing the one thing they need to do: design. Trust us, that is a tall order already, so looking for the “+” will make it impossible to fill that position.


Get a designer who GETS YOU. 

The best designer is not always the perfect designer for you. Let me repeat that. The BEST designer is not always the PERFECT designer for you. 

Every designer has their style. The key to making your brand story clear is ensuring everyone involved is on the same wavelength. 


Have them vetted by a designer.

You wouldn’t ask your HR executive to take a pass at the account books! Everybody has a specific skill set, and you’ll need to tap into the skills of another designer. They have an eye for what factors to look into. To the untrained eye, a design falls into the simple categories of “good” and “bad”. A design’s concept, strategy, colour theory, typography, and spacing are placed under the microscope to the trained eye. A well-trained designer knows the rules that are to be followed and can see are the things your potential designer is great at or what he should work on. Having an expert designer look at the work of your prospects can give you an insight into whether they can tell your brand’s story through visuals.



With these 3 steps, we have successfully hired our whole team at 55 KNOTS and Design Mates for our clients! We hope that these tips will lead you to the designer who will perfectly show your brand’s story!

If not, well… we can help! You know where to find us! 


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.