IG Visual Tips That Actually Work

BY Benjamin

June 1, 2023

In today’s digital jungle, nailing your visual storytelling game on Insta is key to boosting your brand, engaging with your audience, and making your mark in the crowded online world. Buckle up and get ready to dive into these tried-and-true visual tips that will take your Instagram game to the next level. 

So, let’s keep it real, stay true to ourselves, and most importantly, have a blast while creating jaw-dropping content. Get ready to witness your engagement skyrocket and your Insta presence shine like never before!

Picture-Perfect Quality:

They say a killer picture speaks volumes, and on Insta, it speaks even louder. Invest in a top-notch camera or whip out your smartphone with an amazing camera resolution to capture stunning, vibrant, and crystal-clear shots. Trust us, high-quality images will instantly grab attention and leave your audience wanting more.

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Theme It Up:

Want to make your Insta feed a cohesive masterpiece? Pick a theme, choose your vibe, and rock it consistently. Select a color palette, find your favorite filter, or define your signature editing style. Sticking to a theme adds that extra oomph, making your feed look slick and professional. Say hello to more followers and a rock-solid brand identity!

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Captions that Pop:

Sure, visuals reign supreme on Insta, but don’t underestimate the power of an attention-grabbing caption. Spice up your visuals with captions that tickle your audience’s curiosity and invite them to join the conversation. Ask questions, share stories, or sprinkle some humor to captivate your followers and get them double-tapping and commenting like there’s no tomorrow.


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Lights, Camera, Action:

Don’t limit yourself to still images; embrace the magic of videos and GIFs. Insta offers a smorgasbord of video formats like Stories, Reels, and IGTV. Create short, snappy videos that showcase your products, reveal behind-the-scenes action, or deliver helpful tips and tricks. GIFs also add that extra spark of fun and personality, keeping your audience hooked and coming back for more.

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Let Them Shine: User-Generated Content (UGC):

Why not let your followers take center stage? Encourage them to share their experiences with your brand by featuring user-generated content. UGC adds authenticity and social proof to your feed while fostering a sense of community. Create your own branded hashtags, run exciting contests or challenges, and watch the content flow in.

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Story Time:

Instagram Stories are like your own personal backstage pass to connect with your audience on a more intimate level. Make the most of interactive features like polls, questions, and quizzes to get folks involved and gather their valuable feedback. Share sneak peeks, product launches, or exclusive announcements through Stories, letting your audience peek behind the scenes of your brand’s incredible journey.

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Embrace Your Inner Explorer:

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and venture into uncharted Insta territories. Experiment with different visual formats like carousel posts to showcase a collage of images or videos in a single post. And hey, don’t forget to ride the Reels wave—it’s the new cool kid on the block! Keep things fresh, exciting, and diverse to give your audience a visual feast every time they land on your feed.

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Bottom Line

Becoming a visual storytelling wizard on Instagram is your ticket to brand growth, meaningful connections with your audience, and standing out from the digital crowd. By putting these tried-and-true visual tips into action, you’ll be well on your way to Insta superstardom. Remember to stay true to your style, let your authenticity shine through! But if you’re short on time (like 9 out of 10 who will read this), then the creative guys at 55 Knots got your back! First project is free, all you gotta do is book a call and tell us what your biz needs. Move it with IG, mate!


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