Legend has it there is a beast so creative no one has been able to tame it—until now.

This is the story of Koko & The Kraken.

Another day in the office and once again you find yourself lost at sea

The perfect storm is brewing.
Deadlines loom large.

Budgets are swallowed into the abyss.

Staff are flailing in the currents

Creativity is lost in the unrelenting fog.

Amid this terrifying and untimely turbulence, the mythical Kraken wrly surfs the tidal waves of your turmoil.

In the beast’s blackened belly lie the secrets to unlock your success

egoless designers, affordable treasures, and timely tale of resolutions.

If only YOU could release the power of the Kraken.

If only YOU had a Koala?!

No need to panic. At 55 KNOTS, we just happen to have a koala.

And not just your run-of-the-mill, leaf-eating, chlamydia-catching, tree-hugging, marsupial kind.

Our koala, Captain Koko, wears a cap and a bandana, kicks butt and, as life would have it, is the world’s most revered and feared Kraken catcher with an unparalleled reputation for quality-driven success.

As an Australian native, Captain Koko is also committed to environmentally responsible catch and release practices.

You might be surprised at how effortlessly he* catches Krakens.

As to his patented method of extracting all that Kraken goodness, that’s kept secret for good reason.

Suffice to say it involves releasing jets of a viscous neon ink-like substance that is then purified, distilled, and bottled for human use.

Thanks to Captain Koko’s most recent adventure on the high seas, the crew at 55Knots are now stocked up with superior quality Kraken juice and ready to help you stay afloat.

Start your free 7-day trial and let’s weather the storms together.