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 We’d like to help you get 100% comfortable in yer quarters. Your Design Itinerary clarifies what you can expect from our 55 KNOTS crew as we design your project.

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We Love Savvy Sailors

We love it when our sailors (you) get familiar with our Design Portal and Creative Tools. It makes our interactions smoother, and it means our team nails your project brief faster. So please, jump into your client portal, read the design tips and learn how to write a knockout design brief.

After that, click the toggle to get started – we highly recommend you book a portal demo.

Meet & Greet Your Account Manager

You’ll be assigned an Account Manager who’ll look after ye project needs like the treasure trove it is. They’ll be your go-to crew member for each design project you log with us. If there are any questions ye have, just ask. They’re here for you.

Meet & Greet Your CREATIVE

Once you submit your project, your Account Manager assigns the craftiest creative to bring your design to life. Unless your project requires specific design skills, the designer you set sail with, will become ye best mate for all your creative voyages.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

We know you’re keen to see your design baby ASAP! It’s our mission to deliver as fast as possible. Getting acquainted is part of the design process and as our team gets to know ye better, the quicker our turnaround becomes. If we don’t nail your brand first go, we may need a few extra revisions to capture the nuances of your brand’s vision.

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