11 things every eComMERCE business needs designed – every week!

If you run an ecommerce store, you know how important it is to keep your online presence looking schmick!

In 2021, online shopping is booming. From your website design through to email and social marketing content there are A LOT of marketing banners to get live – quick-smart. 

Whether you’ve got a product or service-based eCommerce business, here are 11 things you’ll want to be briefing in every week for your digital store. 


The first thing a customer will see when they land on your website is the header banner. You might have one header banner or a carousel with multiple rotating header banners featuring different products, services or promotional offers. Keep your website looking fresh so when an existing or interested customer comes back to your page they see something new and inspiring!


This type of ad is image-based and helps you target audiences that are very likely to be interested in your products or services. The best way to find out what display ad design will work for your ecommerce store is to create a range of different designs, test and learn. Brief in new ads each week to test different colours, images, ‘calls to action’ and go from there!


Once you’ve got your content strategy, it’s time to roll out all those great ideas! Posting from once per day to three times per week across your Facebook and Instagram accounts really helps to grow your business. Whether you’re sharing a post about your product or service, something entertaining or just some free value content, brief it in today and we’ll get started faster than you can say “all aboard!”.


We know that social stories disappear after 24 hours – so the more often you can get new stories up, the better! Being consistent with the look and feel of your instagram stories will help to build brand affinity. If you’re not sure where to start in terms of content for your story, why not use a client review of one of your products/services? You could also showcase features or benefits of your product/service.

If you want to take it further, you can break them out over multiple frames. Get your weekly social stories designed to make sure your brand colour palette, fonts and lifestyle image choices look excellent!


Whether you need a static image, gif or short video, rotating your paid social ads weekly is a great move. If you are serving the same ads to the same audiences every week, the truth is, it’s going to get stale. Plus, if they didn’t click on the ad the first time, it’s unlikely they’ll click on that same ad when they see it a second time.


Similar to a header banner on a website, your Facebook book cover art (the header banner on your business page) is the first thing a customer will see – and first impressions count! Maybe one week you have a 15% off promotion running, the next week you have a 20% off running and then the next week you want to celebrate a new product or service feature release.


When you run a promotional campaign, you’re going to want to include a kick-ass email or two, or three…in the mix. Perhaps you’ve got your promotional website and social banners live and now it’s time to get the attention of your email database. A study done by Marketing Sherpa showed that over 60% of people expect to receive a weekly email from the mailing lists they are subscribed to. Showcase your service, product or discount in a beautifully designed email.

8.  Weekly Newsletteres

Since consistency is key when building trust with your customers, sending a weekly email with business updates and/or free value content is a big tick. These emails don’t need to be too complicated or content heavy, the most important thing is that you are staying in touch and adding value.


How do you showcase your products on your website? Do you have a mix of product or service related images that show different angles, features or benefits? Have you got an image that just doesn’t fit quite right on your website? If so, don’t leave it looking shabby. Having your product and service images edited, recoloured, repositioned or resized can do wonders for your website – and it’s so easy to do.


Video ads, bumper ads or non-video ads – you name it, we design it! The perfect YouTube advertising is all about getting the banner specs right and having an image or video that really showcases your business in just seconds. If it’s not a platform you’ve advertised on before, why not give it a try and see what it does for your business!

11. Product or service explainer videos

At 55 KNOTS we LOVE explainer videos! Whether you want to share more information about your products or services, or instead you want to detail how a product is set-up or used – customers get a lot out of explainers! 80% of digital marketers even said that explainer videos boosted dwell time on their websites. To find out more about the right explainer video for you, have a listen to our Design That Scales podcast Episode #6: Why 80% of digital marketers are using explainer animations to grow brands. 

Take your eCommerce business to the next level, get fresh, unlimited, excellent design every single week.

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