Top 11 Design Request Ideas for SaaS Businesses.

When we say SaaS, we are talking about a business which offers ‘software as a service’ – not sassy businesses…although we’re a fan of both. 

Some top SaaS companies you’ve probably heard of include: Salesforce, Survey Monkey, Mailchimp, Shopify and even our friends at Many Requests (if you’ve briefed in a job with 55 KNOTS, you’ve been using the great Many Requests platform!).

When you’re marketing something that doesn’t have a physical presence, it’s really important to think outside the box with your design and content. Keep your digital presence strong, distinct and consistent by briefing in some of these design jobs.

1. Testimonial videos

A great content marketing tool to build trust is to share your top customer reviews. Often this is done as a static image with text but there is a way to take this to the next level! And that’s through video! Video testimonials are excellent because the emotion of your customer will be coming across in their facial expressions and their voice. We know that 92% of people look at online reviews before purchasing a product or service – so when you create a video review, you are boosting the review with one of the most engaging content formats!

2. Product or feature launch videos

Whether your SaaS business is launching, doing a rebrand or introducing a new service feature, video content is the way to go. Not only is video both visual and auditory, it also allows you to tell a story or explain new and complex ideas easily. Show your customers how to use your service with a simple demo video or try something more customised like an explainer animation – our clients love these!


If you’re trying to grow your business, getting regular blog posts up is a must. Most businesses post one blog per week and some aim for four per week whilst they are trying to build up their blog library. When you upload more blog posts on your website with relevant keywords it can also help with SEO! But be careful! Blogs can be very text heavy – so make sure you split it up with some beautifully designed accompanying images.

4. WEEKLY Facebook and Instagram static posts

Help build your Facebook and Instagram followers by posting regular high-impact static content. Unlike video, a static image is one which does not move. Because of this format, you want your messaging and design to be clear, concise and eye-catching. To keep your audience engaged, you should be posting 3-7 times per week…but make sure you mix it up with video content too to keep it fresh! 

Tip: before posting on Instagram, make sure you have planned out your grid with a design template. Find out more about Instagram grid design HERE.


The stats are in! If your social strategy doesn’t include video content, you’re missing out. From a study done by HubSpot, 94% of marketers said that videos helped increase understanding of their product or service. Plus 84% said that video helped them generate leads – now that’s what we like to hear! Video content comes in many forms from a quick 10 second animation through to longer content series or even a brand campaign. If you’re a SaaS business, video is going to help you connect with customers…quick-smart! 
Listen to our Design That Scales podcast episode where we talk about the pros and cons of using a static image versus video HERE.

6. WEEKLY Paid ads

We know that organic posts are important but paid social advertising is a great lead generator! After all, you’ve got to make sure your content gets in front of the right eyeballs. So if you’re putting spend behind posts, you’re going to want to make sure the design is scroll-stopping. To create excellent Facebook and Instagram ad design, you need to think outside of the box and to test, learn and optimise as you go. At 55 KNOTS we test new ads every week which means we learn what does and doesn’t work very quickly. It keeps us agile as a business and helps us understand our customers better!


LinkedIn is a great platform to talk about your SaaS offerings and position your business as a market leader. Because it is a professional networking platform as well as social channel, creating more premium, beautifully designed content is the way to stand out – especially if you are marketing in the B2B space! Don’t let leads scroll past because of poor visuals.

8.  ebook covers

Not only are eBooks a great lead-capture tool, they are also an excellent way to show that you are an expert in your field. As the saying goes ‘an eBook cover is worth one thousand words’…well, that’s not exactly it 😉 but you get the point.

Whether you’re writing an eBook about marketing automation, social media management, telehealthcare or something else, make sure your eBook cover is looking schmick. If the cover is hard to look at, your potential customers just aren’t going to read it!

9. infographics

Infographics are all about making information clear and digestible. An infographic may combine charts, images or text to represent data or stats about your SaaS business. Whether you’re sharing business performance updates, market trends or relaying LinkedIn poll results back (that’s a fun one!), infographics are very engaging and a great addition to a long, potentially, dry presentation!

10.  website videos

We know that Google rewards websites with video content by ranking them higher in search organically. Not only that, but when you include video on your website, you will see dwell time increase. In fact, a survey done by Wyzowl found that 80% of marketers saw website dwell time increase after they added video content.

The longer you can capture the attention of your audience and add value to your potential customers on your website, the better!


Keep your email design fresh to keep your email database engaged. From your weekly service tips email through to your monthly newsletter, when you work with a design team on new email templates, the sky is the limit.

Perhaps you’re struggling to setup an impactful email template in MailChimp or you just have no idea how to lay out your email content, get a design team to do it for you!

Remember to send at least one email to your database per week so they don’t lose interest or completely forget about your service. 

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