Stranded with graph-ICK designs?

The Kraken-powered crew is here to give you the oomph y’all need!

Unlimited Graphic Design — Flat monthly rate.

Trusted by businesses big & small

Admit it, we judge a shiP by it’s hull.

If the ship ain’t pretty, then we ain’t boarding.

The first thing people see in your brand is your graphics. So if it’s ugly, then the ship will definitely sink.

That ain’t happening with us, though! The Kraken-powered crew of 55 KNOTS is an expert in weaving digital assets into creative content. We don’t just throw random fonts and photos to create a “design.”

We tell a story that will get you the bag.

The Kraken Juice Works in the Wild

Real clients. Real work. Real results

3 reasons why you should jump on board with us!

1. Unlimited Graphic Design & Revisions

Yep. Whatever you ask. From making noob-proof infographics to designing your digital ads, we got it all.

2. Sit back & enjoy the breeze

Managing your business full time while worrying about your graphic designs can wear you out. So let us take a load off your plate so you can sail away without the hassle.

3. Great value for $$$

With our Creative Director manning the ship, we make sure that you get your money’s worth with our creative work. Oh, we also give GST. Savvy & save-y.

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