Even a brand like you can get your own blockbuster hit!

Our crew’s snazzy video editing skills will put your brand on the spotlight.

Unlimited Video Editing — Flat monthly rate.

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We edit videos that don’t sell.

Ever had a salesperson rub a product in front of your face? Well that ain’t fun.

Same goes for editing videos. We don’t just add and cut scenes to just sell a product—we tell them a story WHY your brand is the best in all 7 seas.

The Kraken Juice Works in the Wild

Real clients. Real work. Real results

3 reasons why you should jump on board with us!

1. Unlimited VIDEO EDITING & Revisions

Why settle for just one blockbuster hit when you can have more? Enjoy unlimited video editing requests—and revisions. We won’t stop until you yell CUT!

2. Sit back & enjoy the breeze

Tell the 55 KNOTS crew want you want, send us the digital assets that you want in your video, then we’ll handle the rest. We want you to enjoy sailing with us so just sit back, relax, and take a sip a mimosa if you’d like!

3. Great value for $$$

With our Creative Director manning the ship, we make sure that you get your money’s worth with our creative work. Oh, we also give GST. Savvy & save-y.

get unlimited video editing on our light, storm and cyclone plans.