What Are the Most Effective Flyer Sizes for Your Gym?

BY Benjamin

April 17, 2023


Whether you’re considering personal training or gym management, joining the fitness industry in Australia can be rewarding for those passionate about wellness. It lets you help people achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being. This career path has also gained popularity because of the need for fitness instructors. 

While you may offer professional services, you must realise it’s not enough to get clients. You must also market your business by handing out printed flyers to customers. It’s an effective marketing strategy that keeps your brand at the top of their minds and increases traffic. However, you must consider the flyer size and design to maximise impact. 

If you want a stable and successful career in this sector, this article will discuss the standard flyer sizes, their effectiveness, and the ideal times to use them. 

1. A4 Flyer Size 

With dimensions of 210×297 millimetres, A4 is one of the standard paper sizes used in Australia. Businesses in the fitness industry usually use A4 flyers to promote grand openings or special events because they’re cost-effective and easy to print on this standard paper size. 

However, you must know that A4 is the largest size recommended for flyer printing. Anything larger than that and your printer approaches “poster territory,” which may not be ideal for your advertising needs. 

Why Is the A4 Flyer Size Highly Effective?

A4 is a perfect flyer size for businesses in the fitness industry because it offers several advantages. For one, it can help save costs as it’s a standard size you can print using your office computer or with a digital printing company. Customers will also likely notice and take home a regular printed flyer size. Moreover, it’s an excellent marketing tool to promote special events, fitness classes, or membership deals. 

When Is the Best Time to Use It?

Whether opening a new gym location, running a special seasonal sale, or participating in a fitness expo, A4 flyers are a versatile marketing tool to promote various events.

2. A6 Flyer Size 

A6 is the second most popular flyer size after A4. Like a postcard, it has dimensions of 148×105 mm. It’s an ideal choice for businesses in the fitness industry to advertise without bombarding their audience with too much information. The small size also provides enough space for a concise but visually appealing advertisement. 

Why Is the A6 Size Highly Effective?

When handing out flyers to promote your fitness business, some customers may not want to take them because they don’t want to carry extra papers. Although a small A6 marketing tool won’t take up too much space in their hands or bags, remember that it may get lost among other materials because of its size. 

You can catch more people’s attention and create a unique A6 flyer by investing in a full-colour print or using a thicker paperweight. 

When Is the Best Time to Use It?

A6 flyers are great for the fitness industry for significant events and direct marketing campaigns because of their small size, cost-effectiveness, and easy storage. This flyer size is also perfect for mailing to customers and clients while showcasing a compelling design. 

Other Flyer Sizes to Consider for Your Business

You can use other flyer sizes for advertising your fitness business besides A4 and A6. However, we don’t recommend using paper larger than A4 because it becomes a large format poster. While you can also use A5 (210mm x 148 mm)  and A7 (105mm x 74mm), A7 flyers are better for in-store promotions like ones attached to receipts because of their small size. 


Running a successful business in the fitness industry goes beyond offering premium services and memberships. You can gain more clients and customers by selecting the best flyer size and design and letting a professional printing company print your marketing materials. 

If your organisation needs help finding the right flyer size in Australia, let 55 Knots help! We provide dedicated creative resourcing to help businesses in the fitness industry gain more customers and clients. Request a call now!


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