BY Benjamin

February 10, 2020



The 55 KNOTS team pulled together (our favourite) top six graphic design trends for 2020. Find out why they’re trendy and how to use them in your business.


1. Monochrome Design

In 2020, monochrome design is a favourite amongst creatives. What’s involved? Choosing one hue and repeating it with various shades, tone and tints—it results in a funky and often sleek design. We’re also seeing the monochrome filter rise in popularity, where a colour filter is applied to photos. 

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Why it’s cool? It’s eye-catching, funky and puts a spin on your brand’s creative.

Where to use it? Marketing materials, social media posts and ads, website graphics and even your company EDMs.


2. Typography Goes Maxi

Think attention-seeking, big, bold and heavy fonts. Maxi typography is in, and it’s taking centre stage. Maxi typography is your graphic designer’s secret sauce. Flat, zero-gradient and no 3D elements. Split fonts, obscured by design elements spark visual mystery and intrigue. 

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Why it’s cool? It’s loud and makes a statement. Perfect for capturing the 12-second attention span of your audience. 

Where to use it? Billboards, digital marketing campaigns, ads—anywhere you’ve got something to shout out loud.


3. Heavy Fonts

In 2020, fonts go heavy. We’re seeing big, burly fonts spilling beyond the edges of compositions. Heavy fonts are thick and attention-grabbing, but can also be aesthetically beautiful.

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Why it’s cool? Want your audience to pause a moment? Big, weighty typography will draw in the crowd. 

Where to use it? Logos, headlines, coffee table books, digital and print ads, posters and package design.

4. Muted Colour Schemes

Loud and bright colours are taking a back seat in 2020 as brands adopt muted colour palettes. Designs with muted colour palettes will continue to make powerful statements without screaming at you with colour. When used on backgrounds, your copy becomes easier to read.

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Why it’s cool? A slightly desaturated background enables your copy to pop. If words aren’t your strong suit, hire a copywriter.

Where to use it? LinkedIn articles, Instagram and Facebook feeds, posters, magazine spreads, and website design.


5. Infographics & Illustrations 

Using custom-designed illustrations and infographics keeps your brand design original. Your competitors won’t be able to copy your illustrations to a tee. 

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Why it’s cool? Illustrations are creative play for your graphic designer; from hand-drawn graphics to 3D illustrations, vector brushes, geometric patterns, gradients and blurring. Even illustrative lettering is in. Hire a pro for this design job.

Where to use it? Marketing materials, presentations, brand communications and downloadable freebies, e.g. eBooks, checklists or fact sheets.


6. Lotties & GIFs

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I’ve never met someone who didn’t love a good Lottie or Gif. If you’re a die-hard Mac fan but not into tech, you might not know who (or shall we say, what) a Lottie is. Lottie is the equivalent of a GIF library for Android, Web, iOS, and Windows users.

Why it’s cool? Remember the 12-second attention span? Bring your message to life with clever, fun and innovative Lotties and Gifs. Make someone smile, and you’ll stay relevant.

Where to use it? Social media platforms, email marketing and web page design.


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