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April 19, 2022

Stickers are a time-tested and eye-catching way to bring that extra oomph to any creative project. Brand labelling, scrapbooking, bedazzling your car bumper, or even decorating your company laptops could make stickers catchy and significant aesthetic additions. Stickers can elevate personal and brand projects to new heights as labels for an idea, business, or eclectic motifs!

A plethora of sizes and shapes based on the taste and requirements of the designer are available when it comes to printable stickers.

Why are sticker sizes important, you ask?

Well, sticker sizes can make or break the visual appeal of a personal brand or a company. Moreover, choosing the right sticker size is one of the best ways to bring attention to your brand’s logo, unique motif or company label.

Fun Fact: Most sticker sizes are measured by inches, including the extended section’s length and the shortest area’s breadth.

These seven famous sticker sizes can be used in numerous but specific locations based on how and where they catch the most attention. Be it digitally or on physical objects, each option targets a unique medium, whether in the office or in public.


For all you brand and business owners who find peace in premium designs and motion graphics, we’ve got a lot to share with you.

Let’s find the perfect sticker sizes for your venture!


Beginning with the tiniest, the 1×1 inch sticker is approximately the size of a lemon and is better suited to circle-shaped stickers than any other shape. Though customising and adding text is possible, such a size is ideal for logos. Avoid using text unless you give it a considerable size – even the most minimally worded text may go unnoticed, irrespective of it is the brand or company name.

The 1×1 sized stickers can be applied to company products in a discreet but conspicuous way at the same time. Some examples of this sticker size can be seen on drinkware, phone cases, freshly purchased fruits, and clothing, and when mentioning the manufacturing and expiry date on any products.

Due to their comparatively more minor form, these stickers can be customised and bought by the roll. Hence, you can purchase in wholesale and apply them to objects frequently and conveniently.

Like the 1×1 sized sticker, the 2×2 inches sticker too is preferred to be a circle in shape. Around the size of an Oreo cookie, this size has similar functions to the miniature version, except that the 2×2 sticker size is more text-friendly.

You could place them as price or company stickers on notebooks for work and school. Remember, as this is a bigger size, 2×2 stickers can include the logo and the brand tagline.



Rectangular stickers in different sizes are seen on a wide scale of products, especially since it’s the standard sticker size. Remember, the most common rectangle sticker size is 3.5×2 inches, resembling the size of a business card.

As these stickers are a bit larger, they more evidently showcase the brand or company’s personality. The angular dimensions make it easy to add logos. Even better, there is ample space to combine text and some brand-specific motifs like their motto.

3.5×2 inch sticker sizes can be applied to manufacture sticky business cards, name tags, labels on beer and wine bottles, jars, and much more, making it a pretty versatile shape. Additionally, rectangular stickers are utilised by food and beverage companies to produce and strategically place labels that list ingredients, company slogans, and other promotional messages.

Throw in a sleek design pinch, and your sales will be touching soaring heights in no time!

Packaging companies also apply rectangular stickers during the boxing phases of their workflow. Above this, the better half of computers, laptops, other electronics and even envelopes are well-known landing spots for such 3.5×2 inch rectangular stickers!

Such stickers are available to customise and purchase in sticker sheets, a cluster of kiss-cut stickers printed on a single sheet stuck onto a backing paper. Not to forget, sticker sheets help encourage brand loyalty to the retailer, especially for products on eCommerce websites.

Due to their uniform look, more than one rectangle sticker can be placed on a product to acquire enhanced focus and divert the user’s attention to essential specifications or product-based information.

Despite the positives, aligning borders and filling up to the edges of the printing sheet could be hassling depending on the printer type in operation. If the printer provides the option for ‘edge-to-edge’ printing or ‘borderless’ printing, the design can be planned accordingly.

A simple way to figure this out is to print out an A4 sized paper with a colour background and check if any areas are left out.

At 55knots, we’ve curated an extended design portfolio over the years. Skim past mindfully, and you’ll find answers to your sticker-based design queries.



Oval shaped stickers in sizes 1.5×2 and 2×3 inches give a reasonably good average between larger and smaller sticker sizes. These disproportionately shaped stickers have the same function as a circle or square-shaped sticker, but brands can incorporate them in diverse ways

Due to their opposing wide and narrow dimensions, oval stickers can be converted into subtler car bumper stickers to promote your brand or company on the road. They also are perfect for applying to food packaging as they can accommodate the shape of the dish pretty well

Above all, oval-shaped stickers also match oval retail facades wonderfully! Many stores with an elliptical retail facade at the entrance will find oval stickers on their products quite suitable. Furthermore, short and broad items, like teapots and coffee cups, can be found with appropriately sized oval stickers

As the oval shape isn’t as proportional as the circle or square shapes, custom designs on the oval stickers must be planned to aesthetically include attractive elements, whether for mere communication or strict marketing purposes.

Like the circle-shaped stickers, oval-shaped ones also have a ‘bleed area’.

These stickers can be easily customised to have a full-colour background and a border without stressing about white edging.

Did You Know: Several social organisations and political campaigns consider the oval shape a favourite to help spread the word.



3×3 and 5×5 inches are frequently used out of the square sticker sizes. These sticker sizes are large enough to include a business logo and are suitable for application to most surfaces. Additionally, these sizes are ideal for more design-heavy visuals as there is plenty of room for complex artwork. What’s best, bringing the right designer aboard, can help you leverage such experts’ experience and design acumen.

The corners of square and rectangle stickers can be customised as rounded and flattened for a softer and pleasing appearance. Such standard shapes and sizes have immense practical benefits concerning their manufacturing as they are easily procurable for any purpose.

Furthermore, the functions of the square-shaped stickers are similar to those of the rectangle ones, but the former can comfortably accommodate more elaborate designs than the latter ones. Easily found on laptops, computers, tumblers, and cookware, it is considered a standard and reliable size preferred by many businesses.

Although these dimensions are pretty roomy, designers must make sure not to cramp the sticker too much and compromise on the clarity of the design.

Tip: Custom rounded corners also make taking the stickers off the backing paper easier.

Regarding alignment issues, poorly designed square-shaped stickers are always possible due to the half-hearted emphasis on design creativity and print quality. It’s best to carefully decide the background, interior design, and bordering strategy based on whether the printer has the ‘edge-to-edge’ or ‘borderless’ printing options.



Big circular stickers need to be designed so that users will understand their purpose right away. They offer design depth to the extent that you can merge multiple catchphrases, pictorial hooks and even social media handles. Remember that choosing an accurate location for the large sticker can do wonders for a brand or a company’s publicity. Also, 3×3 and 5×5 inches are the most favoured size for big circular stickers.

A circular sticker on the larger side seems to do well when combined with other shapes of different sizes. For example, a laptop can be decorated with a 3×3 circle sticker and smaller rectangular and square stickers for a visually stunning look. The same can be done on your instrument cases, camera gear and even the fridge or cupboards in your private space.

Strong visual impact is what a big circular sticker provides. Taking advantage of this helpful feature guides you in decorating miscellaneous items like notebooks, yearbooks, and appliances like washing machines and ovens. They can occasionally appear on a jazzy bike helmet or as car stickers too!

All in all, the size and design expertise of the sticker could be the key ingredient for viewers to recall your brand or product.

Although, difficulty in the alignment of borders and instances of an inadequately filled up coloured background seem to cause a few hiccups. Using label templates is an option where instead of just circles, a grid of squares in which each little square contains a circular sticker that touches the edges of the square-shaped cell.

This isn’t a foolproof method, but you can study its viability through a few test prints, which will provide accuracy through trial and error.

Another slight drawback is the shortage of availability of bigger circular stickers, unlike the rectangular or square stickers that are relatively easier to get a hold of.

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As its name suggests, bumper stickers typically belong on car bumpers, trucks, and windshields. 11.5×3 inches is the most commonly preferred size that fits nicely across vehicles and is perfectly visible on the road.

Moreover, as vehicles have differently sized bumpers, the stickers come in a popular range of sizes like 11.5×3 inches, 8×4 inches and 12×4 inches. These stickers act as mobile signboards displaying a clear and vibrant design that will swiftly catch many people’s eyes on the road – all credit to the sheer size of these stickers.

In a nutshell, such giant stickers allow you to customise the looks of bumpers in entertaining ways with humorous slogans and sayings. Such sticker design ideas assist you to play the memory hook card and making the sticker a constant promoter of your business.



The best part about art is the flexibility it offers in design tasks. Whether your office space needs stickers for segregating drawers or your 30th birthday comes with a fancy setup boasting stickers of childhood memories, you can literally demand the exact sticker you require

Simply put, ask for custom-shaped and sized stickers from your preferred design company. They come in a sheet/roll and are comparatively hassle-free as you’ll not have to worry about their size, colour or even the number of stickers.

As the name confirms, everything will be customised to your needs. Such an approach allows you to create and disseminate an almost unique business design, exhibiting authenticity at its best.

Due to such specific needs, you must take the desired sticker measurements in inches. Try deciding in advance where you wish to use the stickers, and you could enhance the design by matching colours and surrounding elements.

Fact: Requesting die-cut stickers will help attain exact dimensions as compared to kiss cut stickers.

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Shape/type of stickerDimensionsUsage/locations
Small circle1 x 1 in, 2 x 2 inLogos
Rectangle 3.5 x 2 inPackaging, promotional messages for brands
Oval1.5 x 2 in, 2 x 3 inLaptops, cookware
Square3 x 3 in, 5 x 5 inFood packaging, coffee cups
Big circle3 x 3 in, 5 x 5 inYearbooks, appliances like washing machines
Bumper11. 5 x 3 in, 8 x 4 in, 12 x 4 inCar bumpers, car windshields

A Note on Sticker Materials

You can choose from a few high-quality preferred materials for your stickers.

These include:

  • Clear vinyl
  • Front-face cling
  • Glow-in-the-dark vinyl
  • Front face adhesive
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene labels (Clear BOPP, Removable white BOPP, white BOPP, Chrome (silver) BOPP)
  • Satin labels
  • Fluorescent paper
  • Foil paper
  • Magnet

We’d recommend clear vinyl as the best choice since it lasts up to 5 years, can be procured in bulk, and is waterproof and weatherproof. 


Stickers can be a handy and creative way to spice up anything from electronics and planned political campaigns to promoting your brand and creating labels for your company. Most stickers are produced in bulk and can be designed to fit your decorative or business needs. Simply get the size requirements right, and you have a whole new art form for communicating messages to your audience.

Sticker sheet sizes should also be planned and given attention to while ordering stickers in bulk.

Understanding how sticker sizes influence aesthetic appeal and business revenue is essential to help propel your brand’s endeavours to new heights.



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