BY Benjamin

February 24, 2022


User experience (UX) design is making a product or service more user-friendly or functional to increase user satisfaction. UX designers create a product that provides visitors with a relevant and meaningful experience.

When creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience, it is recommended to use the most recent UX Design elements that have a great impact on your brand. To get you started, here are the UX visual design elements to consider in your website:



Contrast is one of the essential elements in visual design. It is a simple concept that can help with visibility and legibility. Contrast is a technique that uses differences between elements to get more attention from the viewer. This can be done with colour, size, and even font type.

To successfully create a contrast, you will need to study the elements you are trying to contrast. Use a colour opposite to the dominant one used on your website. You can also use light and dark shades to balance your palette. Just remember not to overdo it.


Hierarchy is the structure of organising content. It helps users understand important information or products better. High hierarchy means that the content is more important.

For example, the navigation bar used in the website is in the higher hierarchy because it is the main element used in the main content. Text is the medium in priority because it is still important but not as vital as the navigation bar. Lastly, the logo is the lowest in the hierarchy because it is only primarily  used to identify the website.

Each element of your website must have a hierarchy. To make it easier on your website, it can complement your marketing strategy by highlighting the essential content and headings for visitors.


Gestalt is the law of perception. It is based on the idea that people perceive and organise things based on their observation. As a UX designer, it is essential to understand how people perceive the elements used in a website.

The ‘principles of perception’ are essential to learning to apply them in your design. For example, the closure law says that people will try to complete a gap or a hole in an image. It is also essential to remember that most people will perceive a design as an entity. The focus of good continuation will help with the design of navigation bars.

Observing the law of perception can help you create the best website and take advantage of the human tendency to relate things to nature.


Proximity is the placement of elements about one another. It is essential to know the distance between elements in a design. It is also necessary to understand the relationships between elements.

The distance between elements will depend on the type of website. For example, a website that contains many images should have enough space between each image. 


It is essential to know that user experience plays a very important role in sales. Your conversion rate will depend mainly on the quality of the user experience on your website. By using the best UX design elements, you will create an exciting and valuable experience for your users that will help you gain more customers.

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