BY Benjamin

July 13, 2021

Startups have a lot of things that they need to take care of. Choosing branding elements that could help distinguish your business from its competition is among the most important things that need to be handled as early as possible. 

Your branding is what your customers will be able to identify, and having them in your products is crucial. After all, you want your audience to associate all the goodness that your products offer with your brand. Needless to say, branding needs careful planning.

 In this post, 55 Knots, your trusted company for high-quality yet affordable graphic design services in Australia, shares the three essential branding elements your startup needs to make:


Your name and logo may be the most recognizable branding elements of your company. You should trademark both so that no one else can use them. Your logo should represent not just your brand name but the products you sell and the essence of your business. Sometimes, logos can be literal translations of the brand name. Case in point: Target and Apple. Others, like Coca-Cola and Google, use stylized fonts and their brand names as their logo.

When creating your logo, make sure that it’s the best representation of your brand and one that is eye-catching and not in any way confusing. Also, the colour and the font used for your brand name should make it easy for the customers to read and recognize.


As important as the name and logo of the company, the tagline or slogan, as some call it, is one of the branding elements that customers remember the most about a company. If the tagline is really good, it may be enough for people to recognize your brand.

Some of the most recognizable taglines include Nike’s “Just Do It” and McDonald’s “I’m Loving It.”

Your tagline should be fun, witty, or catchy. A one-liner works better, too. Once you have a slogan that you’re happy with, you should always use it for marketing. Make a hashtag with it, incorporate it into your ad campaigns and posters, too.


It might not seem like one of the things that should be prioritized when your startup is creating content, but it really should be included early in the business planning process. Why? The brand visuals highlight the values and ethos of the company. That’s why it’s important that you already know how you’ll present your brand from the get-go.

Whether that’s showcasing some behind-the-scenes images on your website or choosing fun graphics and images for your posters, you have to establish the visual that you want to depict your brand values. It’s a good idea to see what visuals your competitors have, so you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you should and should not do. Your goal should be to stand out in a good way, of course!


These are just three essential branding elements that your startup should work on from the very beginning. You want to establish your image no matter how big or small your business is. If you want the best logo and visuals for your branding, you should consider getting professional graphic designers to create them for your company. Make sure that you choose a reputable company that can offer you high-quality but affordable graphic design services.

55 Knots can provide you with some of the best graphic design services in Australia. Contact our team today so we can talk about what your startup needs.


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.