Back in the heydays of the internet, social media channels like Myspace and Friendster dominated the scene. Setting up a profile felt fun, quirky, and entertaining, but it was never a space for making true connections, let alone a professional one. 

But in recent years, building a strong online presence is a critical part of engaging real people, making it a prime channel for businesses to be part of a community. Heavy-hitters like Facebook climb their way up as the most popular social media platform to sweep the internet generation. While other contenders like Instagram, Twitter, and more follow behind, nothing beats the sheer diversity of users on Facebook. 

For businesses, Facebook is the biggest marketing tool that can generate high-quality leads, increase brand awareness, and ultimately make more sales for their bottom line. With 2.80 billion monthly active users, brands have a wide demographic to tap, so this earns the title of being the top drivers of ROI compared to other social networks. 

But with the platform saturated with ads from thousands of competitors like you, what can you do to design Facebook ads that stand out from the crowd?

Tip #1: Design Facebook Ads with the Ad Format In Mind 

Before you think about the look and feel of your Facebook ad, you can already set your ad up for a stronger impact by outlining the design based on your desired ad format. You can set up your format in the following ways: 

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Stories
  • Messenger
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Collection
  • Playables

Depending on your message, the right format can increase its impact, so consider what kind of ad format works best for your campaign’s goals.

Tip #2: Design Facebook Ads with the Ad Placement In Mind 

When you already have a format in mind, the next step is to consider which ad placement would maximize your campaign’s message and generate the most engagement. Here are a few ways to explore your options: 

  • Desktop Newsfeed – Best for long-form copies with link descriptions and for generating sales, leads, or engagement;

  • Mobile Newsfeed – Great for brand awareness and discoverability, but the copy should be shorter compared to desktop ad placements;

  • Marketplace – Excellent placement for e-commerce businesses who are already promoting their products to high-intent shoppers;
  • Stories – Offers a fun, unique, and interactive experience to users that are great for increasing brand engagement;

Tip #3: Design Facebook Ads that are Mobile-Friendly 

79 per cent of Facebook users now browse their feeds using their mobile devices, which means you’ll be losing a large chunk of your target audience if you don’t design your ads with mobile responsiveness in mind. 

In that regard, it’s time to start designing your ads using vertical images or videos. It needs to be eye-catching and high-impact since it needs to speak for itself, especially since people tend to skim over large blocks of text on smaller screens.

The Bottom Line: The Unbeatable Engagement and Lead Generation Potential of Facebook Ads

Social media channels like Facebook reign supreme today and continues to be one of the most results-driven marketing tools for businesses. With so many marketers utilizing social media, working with professional designers and digital agencies can give your brand an edge. 

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