BY Benjamin

January 15, 2021

Graphic design is one of the most essential parts of marketing and branding. It is where your brand gets its identity and stands out from other businesses, whether it be in the same or in a different field. With the many ways that you can supply your business with well-designed graphics, carefully considering your options is important. 

An effective graphic designer is someone who understands your brand, your goals, and what you wish to accomplish in the future. Whether this is a high-end graphic designer, a cheap graphic design agency, an on-demand graphic design subscription, a freelancer, or even an in-house designer, you have much to consider.

While there is no one option best for everyone seeking graphic design, there is an option that is best for you. With this article, we will fortunately help you narrow down your choices and explore one option you may have not considered before. Let’s begin!

Here are the three graphic design options every business considers:

1 – Design Agency

If you think you’re more likely to only want to hire a graphic design service on a per-project basis, hiring a design agency may be the choice for you. You’ll be able to sort out any existing budget problems as work is usually billed by the hour. 

Design agencies are often a relatively easy way to get quality graphics back for an agreed-upon rate. However, it’s important to remember that you are at the mercy of their schedule. If you need graphics with a tight turnaround, you might also have to pay your agency more. 

There’s a chance that you’ll be needing graphics on a relatively regular basis, and design agencies do cater to this if you prefer to sign a contract rather than opt for payment per-project. Through fixed-term contracts, design agencies usually mandate long-term commitment. Keep in mind that such contracts may make it difficult for you to withdraw if your requirements are over or you are not satisfied with their services.

2 – In-House Graphic Designer

An in-house graphic designer can cater precisely to your needs and dedicate themselves full-time to the role, but this may entail a lot of work for you because you have to find the right fit for your brand. In the process, you’ll have to scour through portfolio after portfolio, choose one applicant, interview them, and offer them a competitive fixed salary, no matter how many graphics they are able to produce. Added benefits will also be a factor for each applicant to ensure that they won’t leave soon. If they do, you’ll have to go through the strenuous process all over again.

3 – Freelancer

Working with a freelancer comes with its own set of challenges. While they usually have a wide range of skills depending on the clients they have worked with, freelancers tend to work at their own pace, especially during busier periods. Turnaround time for the graphics that you need will always depend on the freelancer’s availability.

A Better Solution: Subscription-Based Graphic Design Services

There are undoubtedly times to choose a design agency, in-house graphic designer, or freelancer. But for most businesses, there is a better solution that gets you the best of both worlds: versatility, a quick turnaround, and an affordable price. 

Subscription-based graphic design services is a service that caters to your daily design requirements. You can customize or choose a subscription plan, which usually is a flat monthly fee. For as long as you are subscribed, you can easily place orders and receive graphics within a quick turnaround time that suits your goals. 

Here’s a brief breakdown of the advantages offered by this option:

#1 You can work with experienced designers

Just like in-house designers, you get to work with highly-experienced designers at a flat rate. This then allows you to have greater control over your budget without having to waste time looking for a designer that suits your needs!

#2 You can enjoy a quick turnaround time 

If your business evolves quickly and you can’t afford waiting weeks for a project to be completed, graphic design subscriptions work around your schedule while offering a turnaround time that is relatively faster than freelancers or design agencies. Of course, this is dependent on how detailed your brief is. Try to make it as simple and lay out a clear idea for the designers to work around for them to deliver your designs quickly, efficiently, and of the best quality. 

#3 You don’t have to make a long-term commitment 

With subscription-based graphic designers, you won’t be bound by a contract. Simply choose a plan that fits your needs and start adding requests to your designers! If you’re not happy with the service of a specific graphic designer, you can choose another for any upcoming projects. It’s relatively more hassle-free compared to the commitment you’ll need to have with an agency or with a freelancer.


We understand the struggles that startup businesses undergo, especially when they try to find the best designers that fit their brand and deliver their daily design requirements. Having to go through such a process can get pretty tiring, but with a reliable subscription plan, you’ll have a team you can rely on.

55 Knots is one of Australia’s leading creative agencies, helping our clients reach their goals with beautiful imagery. We’ll make sure that you get the on-demand graphic design subscription that fits your needs.


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