BY Benjamin

December 26, 2020

One thing that characterises modern businesses is how they use graphic design uniquely to create a presence in the oversaturated market of 2020. Small businesses can significantly boost themselves when they invest in the best graphic design services available on the market, as there is plenty of knowledge put into the process. A company’s brand identity heavily relies on the visual appearance it gives out, which makes the whole design palette important in customer retention.

Many industry leaders have used business graphic design to get ahead of the competition. In fact, many proprietors don’t believe that this field even helps their brand at all, which is a top mistake they make. Cheaping out on these services can damage your brand image, so ensuring that you have the best graphic design services done will increase your conversions overall.

Here are just a few ways that graphic designers can do wonders for small businesses:

1. Brand Awareness and Recognition Is Unparalleled

Companies that invest in things like their logos and their branding elements have better awareness and recognition by customers in most cases. In fact, well-designed logos are often the parts of businesses that people remember the most. Even if no one sees the name “Nike” under their well designed “checkmark,” people will know and associate it with the sports brand. Strong visuals grab the attention of customers and allow brands to stand out from the oversaturated markets. People who don’t remember your company name might remember the logo, which is why the best graphic design services have to be employed to ensure more excellent retention. 

2. Promotional Campaigns Will Be More Effective

Promotional items that are well-designed always have better effects on a brand’s reputation. People already dislike advertising as it is, and poorly-produced ones will always have worse ratings compared to those made with attention and care. It also costs more money to make revisions and have re-prints and re-runs once a campaign is in place, so a professional in the field will ensure that this is all one-and-done. You can also use these savings to optimise other areas of business operations further. 

3. Good Designs Build Credibility

When it comes to making sales, customers are more likely to spend on products that look nice and are presented in a legitimate fashion. In the eCommerce world, it can be hard to trust new websites that offer products, but if the site looks professionally-made and invested in, conversions will occur. Safe and soft visuals make often pique people’s interests, so finding the best graphic design services for your business will help you develop a sense of trust from your customers. 

4. Your Business Stands Out

There has never been a successful business in recent history that refused to professionally work on their branding process, which includes business graphic design. All of the industry leaders now have influential graphic designers doing all the work to create a more trustworthy brand with a loyal following. Overall, your brand identity is what will lead you to ultimate success, and this has plenty of work done towards examining the competition and other foundations of design. 


Business graphic design is an essential part of the whole system that allows sales and conversions to take place. With the potential to be retained in the consumer market, good visuals assist in the way companies succeed in their marketing processes. 

55 Knots is an unlimited design agency that offers affordable graphic design services through subscription packages. We can boost your business operations and reach with our various packages, and you can maximise brand awareness and have a lasting impact on your audience for great success. Get in touch with us today to find out what else we can do for your business! 


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.