BY Benjamin

November 16, 2020

Christmas gets us jollier than a bunch of drunken sailors, so to get in the spirit of all things festive, we’ve put together five graphic design marketing ideas to create for your business, that you can get started on today!

1. Update Your Logo to Bring Some Christmas Flair

A subtle illustration combined with your logo can bring a little bit of festive personality on the lead up to Christmas. We’re personally updating our client portal weekly to provide some personality during the season. Some places you could update your logo would include your website, email signatures, email marketing, advertising and social profiles.

2. Create a Custom Christmas Card for Clients

Nothing says, thanks for supporting our business than a custom-designed Christmas card with a personalised message to send to your clients (or your staff), this could be a typographic card, custom illustration, photo or all of the above.  

3. Create a Christmas Gift Card

If you’re in a consumer-based business now is a perfect time to craft some Christmas Gift Cards — gift cards make perfect gifts for hard to buy for relatives — even if you’re in a B2B industry, a gift card might work for your business savvy relatives and friends – do you have a micro-service you could package up as a gift to introduce new prospects into your business?

4. Share Some Practical Christmas Content

Providing some Christmas related content on your social accounts is a great way to get exposure and add value — do you have content to share with your audience that’s both relevant and showcases your products and services? For example, if you’re in the health industry, how about an article on how to minimise the Christmas KGs. 

5. Create a Christmas Promotion

We all love a bargain, add some Christmas promotions into your marketing circulation and get a boost in sales to bring in 2021 with a bang!

If you need help creating some festive flair to your business, 55 KNOTS is the leading creative agency that offers graphic design subscriptions, so you consistently have quality content for your brand. Check out our services today!


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.