BY Benjamin

December 8, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close (thank goodness) its always a great time to reflect on the year gone and the new year head in this article we talk five graphic design marketing ideas to brief in this month:

1. End of Year Business Infographics

The end of the year is an excellent time to celebrate your achievements from the year, this can be done with a creative infographic that highlights all the key metrics throughout the year, such as your incredible increase in year-on-year growth or a bunch of quirky fun facts about how many hours were wasted asking people to turn themself off mute. This can be shared at the business end of the year all hands or as a fun blog post.

2. Celebrate that 2020 is over

Nothing feels like more of a do-over then new years eve, its when we all look at the year ahead and set new goals, whether it’s personal or business-related. Celebrate the new year with a social post to share the joy with colleagues, clients, family and friends. Celebrate that new year like ‘Captain’ Koko, you go Captain Koko.

3. Share 2021 Trend Predictions

As we move into the new year, it’s a great time to start getting your clients to start thinking about the new year and how they might best use your service. Forecast upcoming trends for the new year for your industry to give your clients an appetite for what’s to come. Oh, that reminds us, stay tuned for our 2021 Design Trends dropping very soon!

4. Schedule a Christmas Promotion

Everyone loves a bargain, and we personally love a reason to throw a good promotion. December is a great month to push out a limited-time promotion to your clients to get some last-minute sales before the new year. Make the promotion short and punchy, push up the urgency and get some extra Christmas cash. Savvy?

5. Announce Business Closure

Lastly, a lot of businesses close down for the holidays, so let your clients know if you’re going to close or more importantly if you’re going to be open with either a cleverly crafted email, or a nice end of year video will do the trick.

We hope you found this list useful, and we look forward to sharing with you our design trends for 2021 and design ideas for January!

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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.