BY Benjamin

January 12, 2021


As we roll into what we all hope will be a better year, you might be looking for some inspiration to kick start your marketing goals this year. Below are our five top graphic design ideas for January.

1. New Year, New Brand

Like a good bottle of wine, brands get better with time; but, how often do we consider if our brand still reflects the business’s values or tone of voice? Often, not enough.

For example, we launched 55 KNOTS in 2019, and our offering and tone of voice has changed to a softer, more approachable friendly style (Ahoy Captain Koko).

For this reason, we softened our fonts and curved out our edges to match our naturally developed new brand. We recommend not doing a complete overhaul on your brand if you’ve done solid brand work, but like all brands, graphic designers can help evolve your brand, so it looks fresh but still feels very much like you. Think about brands like McDonald’s, Coke and Apple how they’ve successfully evolved throughout the years. 

2. New Year, New Goals

The new year is an ideal time to jump on the mindset of people wanting to define and succeed at goals, do you offer a service or product that would be ideal for promotion across social media or your email channels? 

The one everyone thinks of first is getting in shape, i.e. new year, new you! 

However, we would suggest that most businesses could play in goal setting marketing. Is it the year to finally get your finances in check, buy that house, remove business stress, reduce your carbon footprint or even visit that local holiday destination that’s been on your bucket list?  

Think about your offering and how you can build up some crafty new year aspirations for your customers.

3. New Year, New Promo

What better way to kick off the new year than with a New Year Sale? Call it the Summer Sale, The 2021 Sale, or even The Good Riddance to 2020 Sale, whatever you call it, get a boost in sales to start the year off on the front foot!

4. New Year, New Giveaway!

Start the year off with a giveaway; they are a fun way to increase social media engagement and an excellent way to showcase your products or services! Ahoy, organic reach!   

To get started, choose a goal whether its a ‘like and share campaign’ or perhaps a join our ‘mailing list campaign’ it’s paramount you define your plan first.  

Once done, choose a prize for your giveaway, and finally set the duration — 5-7 days is the optimal amount of time for a giveaway promotion.

5. New Year, New Products & Services

Like many businesses, you’ve probably started the year off with some big aspirations, are there some new products or services on the horizon?   

If you feel comfortable talking about them pre-launch, its never to early to start building hype around your new service — in the same regard perhaps you don’t want to release the scope of your new idea just yet, either way, you can illude to something exciting on the horizon to generate some buzz before you drop the goods.

If you need help designing some of these ideas in your business, 55 KNOTS is the leading creative agency that offers graphic design subscriptions, so you consistently have quality content for your brand. 


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.