Almost every industry today can benefit from creative assistance when it comes to their marketing materials. Sure, some industries do get by with only minimal efforts in their creative design and marketing efforts, but some industries need more than that. Are you one of them? 

Here are some of the industries that need creative assistance the most: 

1. Advertising and Marketing

You might be surprised to see these two industries here, considering they are the ones who provide creative assistance to all industries today. This is because they could use the help of other design firms and freelancers to supplement their design staff. Having extra hands to work on projects can help their firms meet their deadlines and their clients’ deadlines when their design staff is loaded. 

2. Products Manufacturing and Packaging

Think about all the packaging created for some of the biggest brands today, and you will realise why this is one of the industries that need creative assistance the most. The industry hires the most full-time graphic designers because their turnaround times tend to be quick and time-sensitive; the industry needs design firms over freelancers to meet their needs. 

3. Textbook and Magazine Publishing

Despite the decline in employment in this industry, they are still not letting go of quality design. The only difference is that the industry has switched to working with freelance artists and designers to create their design. By doing so, it leaves the industry with reduced costs as they no longer need to pay full-time designers. Even though it is known that printed publication is dying, it remains to be one of the industries today that require creative assistance. 

4. Motion Picture and Video

The motion picture and video industry is not a surprise as the nature of the industry requires a high number of creative professionals. In addition to that, the industry has boomed over the past few years to the point that video has become a huge ranking factor in the digital world. 

5. Specialized Design

You will be surprised that the industry of specialised design has a high number of designers. This is because the industry covers a wide range of businesses, and all of them need design services. Moreover, the industry includes interior and industrial design and graphic design. 

Get Creative! 

Creative assistance and graphic design is required in all industries. However, the industries that we listed here are the ones that need the most creative help. 

Keep in mind: creative assistance isn’t only about getting help with logo design, business cards, brochures, etc. It’s also about getting help in graphics that you will post on your social media pages, blogs and websites. Moreover, this includes traditional marketing efforts like direct mail pieces, magazine ads and newspaper publications. 



Are you in one of the industries listed above? Even if you’re not, and you need creative assistance, you’re in luck. There are many creative firms out there to help you out, and finding the right company that suits your needs is crucial. When you find the right creative firm, you can guarantee that you will get the most innovative team that can boost your brand. 

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