BY Benjamin

March 30, 2021

Trying to find the right freelance designer or creative agency for your marketing needs can be a time-consuming challenge. Whether you are looking for a one off simple design job, larger animated video or new website for your brand, a design subscription service gives you the flexibility to be an agile marketer. 

At 55 KNOTS we work with small and medium businesses with only a few design jobs per month, all the way up to big corporates with multiple fast-turnaround design jobs per week. Here are the top 5 things marketers and business owners have loved about using the 55 KNOTS subscription service to date. 

1. Unlimited Design & Revisions Saves Money

A pain point we often hear about in marketing design is costly revisions. Get more bang for your buck as a small businesses or corporate marketer with a tight budget with a set weekly or monthly design subscription fee. When we say unlimited, we really mean it. Need a background colour change? No extra cost! Need a text edit? No extra cost! If your design needs increase or change at any time, we can easily upgrade you to a different plan with extra add ons faster than you can say ‘savvy sailor’. 

“55 KNOTS is by far the most cost effective, and professional design service available for small business. Good design can make or break your marketing and promotional material – and the quality of what you get from these guys is comparable with what’s coming out of some of the big ad agencies! I’d highly recommend you give them a go.  Smooth sailing on every job so far!”

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2. A Design Subscription Plan Saves Time

Need help with your marketing but not sure where to find a reliable designer? Tired of looking for new freelance designers every second week? The 55 KNOTS design subscription service means that you instantly have access to our designers, illustrators, animators and more – in the one plan. Our corporate clients love the relief of access to the 55 KNOTS creative team for their unique and varied design needs, especially when they have to take advantage of the fast-track design option!

3. get access to multi-skilled designers

Within the world of graphic design there are multiple sub-categories, as mentioned above, including illustration and animation as well as logo design, website design, video storyboarding and more! When you join a 55 KNOTS subscription plan, you get access to a mix of designers with different areas of expertise.  Need a brand new image for an infographic or map? An Illustrator, a designer who creates an image or design element from scratch, would be the best fit for this role. Want an explainer video with moving images and graphics? An animator would be the best fit – and yes, we’ve got them both! See below for an example of our animation work.. 

4. Consistently Great Design Quality

At 55 KNOTS we pride ourselves on delivering work that we are proud of. All our designers are pre-vetted and trained to work under pressure, especially for those design jobs that need a fast turn-around! We make sure we have a clear understanding of your design needs from the get go via a smooth creative briefing process. We also have a no-crap guarantee across all our design work so if you have any concerns at all, we will listen to you and work with you to find the best solution. 

5. Easy to Use Platform

The 55 KNOTS digital platform has been designed to facilitate a seamless and easy user experience. Once you find the plan that will fit your business, just hit the subscribe button to start your 14-Day Free Trial. This gives you instant access to our client portal. You can submit your first design brief in only minutes! Once you’re into our client portal you’ll find handy tips and tricks at the top of the page.

Want to find out more about our unlimited design plans? Book a demo of our unlimited graphic design service today! Or just jump onboard to start your 14-Day Free Trial today.


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.