Over 30 years ago, the United Nations defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In 2021, sustainable living is more important than ever.

Every day, you make choices that impact the environment, the climate, and other living things around you. While it’s important to make an individual choice to reduce your carbon footprint, businesses and corporations going green will have a much more significant impact.

Sustainable business practices are no longer an option—they are imperative for all business owners. Climate scientists have sounded the alarm for years, and people worldwide need to take action today.

Here are some changes you can make for your business to become more sustainable:

1. Build a Sustainability Strategy

Change should come from within, which is why it should be the main priority on all levels of your business, starting from top management. Sustainability should be integrated into your overall business strategy and must be stated clearly in your business goals.

Sustainability is not an overnight change and it will take a tremendous amount of effort. You need a clear plan of action that will shift most, if not all, of your current business practices to a positive direction. Besides your business model, developing sustainability policies concerning your workers is an important step as well. For sustainability to last in the long term, everyone should contribute to its success.

2. team effort

Your employees likely already have some ideas about how to make your business more sustainable. This is a group effort, and no employee should be left behind. You can hold regular all-hands sustainability meetings to solicit ideas and strategies from everyone in your business. Brainstorming with people from all areas of your business will help you make smarter, more practical decisions.

3. vendors & suppliers

Each year, more and more businesses and organisations embrace sustainable practices. Working exclusively with environmentally friendly vendors and suppliers will expand your impact on the environment. Partnering with like-minded business owners, lets you help each become better stewards for the. Highlighting these partnerships with your customers makes them more inclined to spend money on your products and services.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy options are now widely available and more affordable than ever. Switching to renewable energy will significantly lower operating costs and will be much better for the environment. Some energy plans also let you receive incentives from the government as well. If you haven’t made the change to alternative energy yet, the best time to do it is today.

All your employees should also adopt energy-saving habits in every aspect of your workflow. Opt for energy-efficient office products and use environmentally friendly settings on existing equipment. Something as simple as turning off the lights in empty rooms can significantly impact your energy consumption.

5. Stop Using Single-Use Products

Workplaces generate a lot of waste every year. There’s no longer any excuse to continue using single-use products when there are so many affordable and effective alternatives out there. Do an audit of your office supplies and swap them out for sustainable options.


Sustainability should not fall on one individual’s shoulders. If businesses and corporations worldwide employ sustainable business practices, conserving natural resources and ensuring a healthy world for future generations will become a reality.

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