BY Benjamin

November 23, 2020

Businesses have become more creative in marketing their products and services as the Internet continues to expand. With more and more entertainment platforms competing for users’ attention, it only means that advertisers have less time to make an impact on audiences, requiring strategic use of video marketing to captivate users.

Standing out from an oversaturated market is a challenge, especially since the Internet has allowed even the most novice of businesses to look for online resources to advance their position in the field. However, when factoring in animation to your marketing strategies, you’ll end up with a powerful tool that is sure to impress your audience. It allows you to tell a compelling story that resonates with your target market, establishing a deep connection that helps separate yourself from your competitors. Here are five other ways that including animation in your video marketing brings you even more benefits:

1. It Creates a Distinct Mood

It can be tough to create a specific mood for your audience without the right tools. Fortunately, animation makes this even quicker by combining a strategic use of colour palettes, lighting, sound design, and other components. The result is a distinctive style unique to your brand that also frames the impression you intend to make in one shot, which is remarkable, as this is possible without delivering a single line of dialogue to your audience. 

2. It Gives You Access to Unlimited Techniques
Cartoon road rendered in 3d.

The world is your oyster in animation, as you can choose from traditional or computer-generated 2D animation to 3D animation. If you’d like to opt for a stylistic choice, you can even use stop motion, which is sure to impress your audience. The different techniques allow your brand to tell a story in numerous ways, as a calculated combination of the styles is sure to deliver your message in an impactful and effective manner.

3. It Sparks Imagination

When using real-life video shots, you’re constrained by the natural laws of physics. However, in animation, the possibilities are endless. You can completely ignore these limitations and replicate whatever is in your imagination to tell a compelling story, all without having to spend a significant amount of money to make it happen. 

4. It Embodies Your Business Through Animated Characters

Cartoon characters are incredibly memorable and for a good reason. These characters know how to embody brands and deliver useful messages to your audience naturally while giving a face to your business. In fact, you can even personify your brand through a unique character design. 

Many animated brand characters are timeless, allowing you to use them throughout your brand’s life. You can also adjust their design according to the times, ensuring that it stays relevant no matter the season or year.

5. It Tells a Captivating Story
clapperboard with sketchbook for writing storyboard on white background

Humans are naturally inclined towards visuals, which you can take advantage of through animation in your video marketing. Apart from grabbing your audience’s attention with eye-catching graphic design, you can create a narrative that resonates with them at their core. Animation is fantastic at setting the proper mood for a story while engaging the audience, making it a crucial part of promoting your business.


As today’s marketing opportunities grow broader and more numerous, your company needs to determine the strategy that best represents your brand. Given most audiences’ pivot towards video, you can leverage animation to impress your audience while invoking the intended emotions. With these five ways to take advantage of animation in your video marketing, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

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