BY Benjamin

November 15, 2019

Welcome to our monthly overview, this month, I want to share our top 10 call outs across the business from October starting with:

1. We’ve moved address

We’ve been operating from the home office for most of the year, but finally decided to ditch the pj’s and move into a shared co-working space. We enjoy the new digs with its super-fast fibre connection, and inspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups – you can now find us on the 56th floor of the MLC Building.

2. We’ve said hello to new team members

We welcomed Ryan to the team; Ryan will be working with us on various creative design projects across the business daily, and I couldn’t be more excited to have the extra hands.

My name is Ryan and I’m a graphic designer, I specialise in branding, social media, print and web; my interests are music, design, and programming. I enjoy visiting beautiful places, discovering and learning new things, hanging out with positive people, sharing ideas and collaboration – I have a keen interest in business and self-development topics.

We’ve also been expanding our network of freelancers, which we’ve been utilising quite extensively over the month on a variety of jobs from illustration, systems engineering, administration, and high-end retouching.

3. We created a massive report

We worked with the team at the Black Dog Institute to build a 72-page report on suicide prevention. Which in summary, is a guidance for a systems approach to suicide prevention for rural and remote communities in Australia

4. We finalised a brand identity

In collaboration with Unbound, we finalised the brand identity for Financial Solutions by Design, landing on this logo for their brand refresh.

5. We produced a spec document

Working with the team at Cartology we produced a Screen Network Spec document for their vast network of screens found in Woolworths stores nationwide to assist third-party advertisers creating assets for their screens.

6. We helped Rezdy make an entrance

Working with the team at Rezdy we worked on numerous brand-related collateral for their Arival Event in Orlando. We worked on pull-up banners, stickers, handouts and more.

7. We worked on over 20 Google Slide Decks

We spent quite a measurement of hours working on Google Slide decks for Cartology and Rezdy this month. It’s safe to say we’ve learned all the shortcut keys for Google Slides, and they’ve almost become second nature.

8. We photographed the 170th Balmain Regatta

We were invited to cover the 170th Balmain Regatta via our sister company Spot-A-Yacht Photography – and it’s always an absolute pleasure to combine my two favourite past-times of sailing and photography.

9. We threw some motion in the ocean

Again we love creating those simple motion graphics that give a little extra oomph to your internal presentation, pitch deck or external communications.

10. Business as usual

We like to think that 55 KNOTS is your creative execution partner, and we love helping all our clients with their Business as Usual campaigns, and we do quite a lot of them throughout the month, from small images to social templates – we’re here for whatever you need.

That’s it from me this month; we have some more significant things in the pipeline – I look forward to sharing with you next time.

Benjamin Williams
Creative Director


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.