How To Take Your Business’s Social Media Game To the Next Level

How To Take Your Business’s Social Media Game To the Next Level

We’re living in one of the highest points of the digital age. Because of this, you’d think that most people would understand how social media works. Unfortunately, there are still many who aren’t familiar with social media and how to maximise this powerful online platform for their business.

For those who’ve incorporated social media early on in their business, they have greater leadership support and have a better understanding of social media and how to use it. For this reason, these companies are maximising their social media efforts and utilising different content to help them reach a new level.

However, for businesses who are late in the social media game, they either lack resources, have a tight budget or they don’t fully understand how social media works. And so, these companies hire marketing experts and purchase graphic design subscription services to help boost their social media game. 

If you think your business needs to improve its social media efforts, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share some of our best-kept secrets on how to take your business’s social media game to the next level. Grab a pen and paper, and let’s get to it!

Get leadership support

When you want to execute social media for your marketing plans, you’ll need leadership support. With leadership support, you’ll get to take your brand out into the online marketplace and experiment with different methods to help your business stand out. 

Since social media platforms are here to stay, you should let your brand participate in all relevant social media platforms so you can tap more clients, giving you more opportunities for your business to grow.

Research on big companies

When you’re formulating your brand’s social media strategy, you should take notes from the big players in the online market today. Check which companies are killing each social media platform and what approaches they’re taking. 

Understanding what more prominent brands are doing will help you create social media strategies that will guarantee excellent results for your business in the long run. 

Build your social media strategy

Now that you have the support you need and relevant data and analytics, you’re ready to create a strong, compelling, and creative social media strategy for your brand. 

With all the information you have, you’ll have the right amount of push you need to think outside of the box and figure out different methods to maximise the use of social media for your business.

One of the things that make social media campaigns successful is when your strategy is far from traditional methods that will instantly impress your market and competitors.

Be mindful of the content you create

Social media is all about the content that you put out. And one way to have successful content reach is by using a campaign mentality and following a social media content calendar. 

When you have a structured plan on how content will be created and posted online, you’ll have consistent content on your social media pages, allowing customers to build brand recognition and trust. 

Always incorporate graphic design

One of the most effective design methods for social media is graphic design. If you notice, most social media platforms use graphic design as the basis of all of their content. 

Thankfully, some companies offer graphic design subscription packages that will help you have continuous graphic design content for your marketing campaigns. Working with a reliable graphic design agency will guarantee success for your online content, making people want to share your posts and reaching more leads in your target market.

Maximise social media platforms

Social media allows you to experiment with your brand and try different methods to help your business reach the next level. By figuring out ways to maximise other social media platforms, you’ll understand what type of content works for each platform and create quality content made specifically for these websites. 

By doing this, you’re allowing your brand to take charge of the different markets of each social media site, which ultimately boosts your business’s online visibility. This will then increase your reach and sales. 


Social media is an essential factor that should be part of your business’s marketing plans. With the help of marketing experts, graphic designers, and graphic design subscriptions, you’ll be able to produce quality content that will help you take your brand’s social media game to the next level.
Creating effective graphic design content shouldn’t be so hard. This is why you must work with expert graphic designers to help you create powerful content with graphic design. If you need help with this, 55 KNOTS is the leading creative agency that offers graphic design subscriptions, so you consistently have quality content for your brand. Check out our services today!

What exactly is a trademark? And why you need one.

What exactly is a trademark? And why you need one.

Your brand may consist of your logo, business name, slogan, a picture or icon or a combination of these, all of which are known as trademarks. The main purpose of a trademark is to distinguish a company from its competitors.

Why should businesses get a trademark?

An Australian trademark registration provides the registered owner with the right to use, and prevent other people from using the trademark in Australia for a period of 10 years (with the possibility for it to be renewed indefinitely). The value of your trademark is obviously tied to the success of your company. 

If you chose to trade without a registered trademark, you will risk a competitor using a brand that is the same or similar to yours, or a competitor registering a trademark that prevents you from continuing to trade under your business name. In the worst case you may damage your reputation in the market or be forced to rebrand and therefore incur the cost of repurchasing marketing collateral. 

There would be nothing worse than going through the process of creating an amazing brand and purchasing merchandise and marketing materials only to find out that another business owns the right to use that brand name or image in your marketplace. By undertaking a trademark search before you go and spend valuable start up money on your brand, you can reduce the risk of burning through marketing dollars, by ensuring that your new brand is available to use in the marketplace. 

What are the benefits or why should you engage with a lawyer to provide a trademark search?

When starting a new business or launching a new product or service, it is crucial to engage a lawyer before you have committed significant time, resources and money to a particular brand. 

Our team have the experience to assist businesses with:

  • Trademark advice, search and registration 
  • Trademark renewals 
  • Drafting and filing of trademark applications
  • IP acquisition or disposal
  • Licensing, assignments and other commercial arrangements
  • Responding to and/or defending against trademark disputes and claims
  • Enforcing trademarks and other IP in circumstances of infringements
How is H+A Legal shaking up the traditional legal framework and empowering businesses to make better decisions?

The harsh reality is that around 50% of SME’s don’t survive the first 3 years of business.

A contributing factor to this statistic is a perceived disconnect between lawyers and their clients caused by an outdated framework of engagement and an uncertainty around costs. 

This got us to thinking. Why could legal advice not be as simple and flexible as a phone plan or streaming subscription?  

We came up with a solution. We built a subscription-based service model that is clear, simple and flexible. We call this service LawPlan.

We kick things off with a Deep Dive session into your business to understand your business structure, goals and identify any potential risks. We then create a step-by-step plan to help you navigate the peaks and troughs of the business cycle, whilst ensuring you are continuously making informed business decisions that align with your vision.

A plan is only as good as it’s execution. We keep you accountable with monthly check-ins, during which we review what action has been taken, plan the next steps, and provide you with a boardroom-like arena to thrash-out business challenges and opportunities. 

Business owners often want and need legal advice, though are hesitant due to the uncertainty of costs.  Like 55 KNOTS, we offer our LawPlan subscription in affordable monthly instalments, allowing businesses to anticipate and budget their legal costs. LawPlan promotes proactive solution responses, rather than reactive (and, often very costly) solution responses to business decisions. 

Need help with a trademark? Check our H+A Legal for more information today!

Create a Mouthwatering Menu With Our Ultimate Design Guide

Create a Mouthwatering Menu With Our Ultimate Design Guide

One of the best ways to encourage your guests into ordering items in your restaurant is through the design of your menu. It may just be a piece of paper or a booklet, but your restaurant menu can enhance or ruin your guest’s dining experience. 

Designing a menu is not a piece of cake because numerous key ingredients make the perfect menu. You want to ensure that you have an effective layout or template, have the right photos and have efficient graphics and typography. It’s ideal to work with an unlimited graphic design agency that can help produce the ultimate menu for your restaurant. 

If you’re ready to give your restaurant its much-needed menu makeover, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered our essential design tips to help you create a mouthwatering menu for your restaurant. 

1. Opt for a one-sheet menu template

Menus come in all shapes and sizes, in book format or as a tri-fold brochure. However, menus shouldn’t be so complicated and should be easily handled by your guests. 

When creating a menu, consider getting a hassle-free and convenient one-sheet menu. This way, you can add all the important information on one page and use it on the same sheet for other things, such as a placemat. This way, you’re saving a lot from possible expenses and utilizing your menu to its fullest.

2. Create a grid-based menu

What you want to avoid when creating a menu is a cluttered and text- and image-heavy menu because this can throw off and confuse your guests. To prevent this, you must divide your menu into grids and use typography, banners and dividers to separate important sections and information. 

Divisions can help draw attention to important parts of your menu while keeping your menu aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical. Additionally, grids help your guests navigate through your menu, giving them a more effortless dining experience. 

When you work with an unlimited design agency, they’ll be able to create a layout by understanding all the critical elements and produce an effective design for your menu.

3. Don’t overdo your photos

Images on menus help your customers decide on what they can purchase and try in your restaurant. However, when there are too many photos, and they are heavily edited, it may do more damage than help your restaurant. 

Make sure you incorporate well-produced photos with a substantial amount of editing and are pleasing to the eyes. You don’t want to work with heavily edited images that may confuse your customers about how your dishes look. It’s best to cut around the perimeter of your food, try framing your pictures or create a layout for your photos that you can use as a base for your menu. 

4. Less is definitely more

Now that restaurants are more conscious about their branding and online presence, businesses are changing their brand identity to a more standard and minimalist feel. 

Minimalist menu design can make your restaurant feel more luxurious and expensive, improving your customer’s experience. You can do this by sticking to a minimalist colour palette and complementary elements. This will make your menus look incredibly luxurious and well-produced.


Your restaurant’s menu plays a huge role in helping your customers make a decision and try the food you’re offering. Having a well-designed menu can boost your restaurant’s image and enhance your guests’ dining experience. Work with a reliable unlimited design agency, curate your menu and produce the ultimate mouthwatering menu for your restaurant. 

55 Knots is an unlimited design agency in Australia that focuses on delivering premium-quality design services. We offer different subscription design packages that include design services like logo design, video editing and website design. Check out our packages today!

New Feature: Client Storge

New Feature: Client Storge

We wanted to share with you a new feature that launched last night called storage.  Storage enables you to upload repetitive files we regularly need like your brand guide, logos and fonts.  

We’ve put together a quick video on how it works below for you to enjoy!

If you want to skip the video, you can find your storage on the portal navigation menu under “storage” — upload your files here, and our portal will upload your files to every ticket for quick and easy access!  Huzzah!

3 Reasons to go for a Subscription-Based Design Service

3 Reasons to go for a Subscription-Based Design Service

With everything, from music and media streaming to desktop applications, turning into subscription-based services, it’s natural for other industries to follow suit—and for a good reason too. Subscription services offer an inherent level of flexibility that benefits both the user and the company offering the service. 

If you’ve never heard of graphic design subscription services, then you’re in the right place! In this article, we will do a deep dive into the three unique benefits of using a subscription-based design service—and why you need them for your business too!

1. Clear expectations and fixed monthly costs 

One consistent issue that business owners encounter when dealing with freelancers is the inconsistencies in quality and art style. As any business owner will tell you, higher prices don’t always correlate with higher-quality work!

Pricing norms and the level of services included can vary wildly among different designers. With no industry-wide pricing, it can be challenging to find a consistent level of service if you happen to need to change designers. 

In contrast, graphic design subscription packages offer a stable monthly rate and a clear scope of work. This helps you manage your expectations and scale your operations as your needs for graphic design increase or decrease. 

2. Consistent quality and art style 

Before design subscription packages were available, most business owners who want a consistent art style would hire in-house designers in their team. While this may work for certain operations, this is ultimately the more expensive route, as hiring talent comes with paying for additional equipment, taxes, and government-mandated benefits. 

Companies like 55 KNOTS offer graphic design subscription plans that let you work with a dedicated designer to solve this problem. By having the same designer working with you every month, you can expect a consistent art style across all your marketing collaterals! Consistency in art style is crucial in marketing collaterals, as it allows you to reinforce your brand with each marketing campaign. 

If you’re concerned about the level of quality, then design on-demand services are the perfect match for you. While working with freelancers might be a hit and miss, our vetting process helps us ensure you are only working with the best graphic designers in this part of the world. 

3. Flexible Solutions and Pricing Plans 

As a small business owner, you may have slightly smaller graphic design needs. You may only be starting and need a logo, a business card, and a website banner to start your new business. 

Most subscription-based design services will offer flexible plans that cater to design needs at various price points. The beauty of the subscription model is that if you are not satisfied with the level of service for any reason, then you can cancel your subscription at any time! Any finished design product is yours to use as you see fit once the design has been delivered to you. 


Design on-demand services help business owners and graphic designers alike. As a subscription service, it allows clients access to consistent quality outputs from professional graphic designers. 

On the flip side, it gives graphic designers a stable stream of clients that will enhance their skills as creative professionals. While you can achieve the same quality by working with freelancers, graphic design subscription plans eliminate the guesswork and help business owners accelerate their timelines and achieve their vision as quickly as possible! 

Are you looking for a creative graphic design service in Australia that provides design subscription packages? 55 KNOTS is a design on-demand service based in Australia. We offer premium-quality creatives from professional designers with unlimited revisions, to boot. Sign up with us today and try out our services for a 14-day trial period!

3 Ways to  Improve  Your Social Media Visual Strategy

3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Visual Strategy

Using social media platforms the right way lets you reach a wider audience, establish your online presence, and increase your sales. To keep your target market engaged and interested in your products and services, you have to prioritize posting photos, graphics, and other visual content instead of texts. 

Remember, your audience is highly visual. Their attention is more likely to be captivated by interesting graphics than blocks of text. To leverage your visual content and make your business stand out online, here are some effective ways you can take to improve your social media visual strategy:

1. Optimize your photos for social media

Your social media presence is crucial to your success. To make your business recognized in the digital world, make sure to update all your social media platforms regularly. 

Every app or website requires photos of different dimensions, so optimize them before posting. Boost your engagement and implement an effective social media strategy by supplementing your content with an eye-catching graphic design or photo. If you are unfamiliar with the right dimensions for every platform, don’t hesitate to collaborate with design professionals like us.

2. Be consistent with your branding and style of images

Experimenting with themes is understandable, especially if you are just starting out in business. However, you must eventually stick to a certain style to make your marketing strategy effective. 

Consistency is key to brand recognition, awareness, loyalty, and success. To achieve this, you have to use the same style of images, fonts, and colour scheme across all your social media accounts. This way, your followers can recognize your post on their feed right away and associate your look with your brand.

Finding the balance between staying consistent or coherent and avoiding redundancy can be challenging. To post visuals in the same style and ensure that your content stays fresh, feel free to seek our creative graphic design services. We offer tailored plans to suit your needs and provide unlimited revisions, so you are sure that you will love the final design.

3. Use high-quality and engaging original photos

Your images have to make your followers look twice. Don’t settle for low-quality photos or ones posted by other websites, especially without permission to avoid facing legal issues. As much as possible, post only stock photos or high-quality and engaging original photos that express what you want to say.

You can hire a professional photographer to ensure the quality of your content or work with our team for your graphic design needs. We take pride in providing businesses with the best graphic design services, and we specialize in creating social media campaigns, social media graphics, web banners, ad display banners, and more.


Your target audience’s social media feed is filled with different kinds of content. To make yours stand out, get noticed right away, and convey your message effectively, use graphics and photos that capture the attention of your customers and prospects even at first glance. Take advantage of the tips mentioned and partner with a reputable graphic design agency like ours.

Whether you need a business card or a landing page, you can count on 55 KNOTS. Our creative agency offers on-demand design subscription packages for businesses in Australia. Contact us to get a 14-day free trial!