BY Benjamin

October 8, 2020

One of the best ways to encourage your guests into ordering items in your restaurant is through the design of your menu. It may just be a piece of paper or a booklet, but your restaurant menu can enhance or ruin your guest’s dining experience. 

Designing a menu is not a piece of cake because numerous key ingredients make the perfect menu. You want to ensure that you have an effective layout or template, have the right photos and have efficient graphics and typography. It’s ideal to work with an unlimited graphic design agency that can help produce the ultimate menu for your restaurant. 

If you’re ready to give your restaurant its much-needed menu makeover, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered our essential design tips to help you create a mouthwatering menu for your restaurant. 

1. Opt for a one-sheet menu template

Menus come in all shapes and sizes, in book format or as a tri-fold brochure. However, menus shouldn’t be so complicated and should be easily handled by your guests. 

When creating a menu, consider getting a hassle-free and convenient one-sheet menu. This way, you can add all the important information on one page and use it on the same sheet for other things, such as a placemat. This way, you’re saving a lot from possible expenses and utilizing your menu to its fullest.

2. Create a grid-based menu

What you want to avoid when creating a menu is a cluttered and text- and image-heavy menu because this can throw off and confuse your guests. To prevent this, you must divide your menu into grids and use typography, banners and dividers to separate important sections and information. 

Divisions can help draw attention to important parts of your menu while keeping your menu aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical. Additionally, grids help your guests navigate through your menu, giving them a more effortless dining experience. 

When you work with an unlimited design agency, they’ll be able to create a layout by understanding all the critical elements and produce an effective design for your menu.

3. Don’t overdo your photos

Images on menus help your customers decide on what they can purchase and try in your restaurant. However, when there are too many photos, and they are heavily edited, it may do more damage than help your restaurant. 

Make sure you incorporate well-produced photos with a substantial amount of editing and are pleasing to the eyes. You don’t want to work with heavily edited images that may confuse your customers about how your dishes look. It’s best to cut around the perimeter of your food, try framing your pictures or create a layout for your photos that you can use as a base for your menu. 

4. Less is definitely more

Now that restaurants are more conscious about their branding and online presence, businesses are changing their brand identity to a more standard and minimalist feel. 

Minimalist menu design can make your restaurant feel more luxurious and expensive, improving your customer’s experience. You can do this by sticking to a minimalist colour palette and complementary elements. This will make your menus look incredibly luxurious and well-produced.


Your restaurant’s menu plays a huge role in helping your customers make a decision and try the food you’re offering. Having a well-designed menu can boost your restaurant’s image and enhance your guests’ dining experience. Work with a reliable unlimited design agency, curate your menu and produce the ultimate mouthwatering menu for your restaurant. 

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