BY Benjamin

July 1, 2019

So ends another month here at 55 KNOTS from website launches to spending hours working on animation and video presentations. The spectrum of creative this month has been broad:

Website Redesign

We finished the redesign of Sasphire Legal’s website, we worked closely with the team to rebrand their business across all assets. We also did a quick portrait session for their team to make sure their team page had excellent continuity.

Rezdy Contact Page

Rezdy wanted to overhaul their contact page to have a stronger focus on sales vs. support. We restructured the page so users could easily find their local phone number or how to contact sales & support by email.

Rezdy – Office Signage

The Rezdy Raleigh office was after some unique signage in the Rezdy brand colours they could showcase on their office walls. They wanted a sign for each of the Rezdy office, which showcased each cities landmarks or what they’re best known for.

Advertorial – Feros Care

We worked with Feros Care to create concepts for an upcoming Women’s Weekly campaign that showcased their partnership with Google Assistant. We provided three different ideas that focused the campaign more as an advertorial then traditional advertising, feeling more at home with the reading demographic.

Rezdy Brand Playbook

We’ve been working with Rezdy to define their brand identity, inspired by Uber’s online brand playbook; we have created an online portal that showcases everything you need to know about the Rezdy brand — built with the company and third parties in mind it’s an excellent resource for the most up to date brand guidelines. #Death-To-The-Brand-PDF

Video Presentation – Nearmap

We were invited into the Nearmap offices to film and edit a 20-minute video presentation on customer success and retention. I can’t share with you the video here as it holds sensitive customer insights. We created a mixture of voice to the camera, animated infographics, animated graphics, and fireside interviews to bring this presentation to life. Contact us for an exclusive look.

Logo Design – befound digital marketing

Bfound Digital Marketing is undergoing a brand makeover, and with a slightly new name, came the need for a new logo.

We worked with the team at befound on a variety of different options, finally landing on this simple option.

Photography – JoJo Jetty’s Wine

JoJo Jetty is releasing a new Rose with a new label, having shot their vintage collection last month, we were more than delighted to jump in and take a new product shot of their remarkable Rosé.

Photography – Dr Shane Moran

We worked with Dr Shane Moran and the team at One Day Designs to capture a variety of shots of Shane across his extravagant refurbished manor in Darling Point.

Photography – Interiors

It’s not often you get to take a peek at Sydney’s top Tech companies. Working with Wise Up Marketing we went on a tour of Canva, Deputy and Safety Culture to capture the beautiful interior fit-outs from Hal & the Design Build Team — we discovered some definite office goals, I mean who wouldn’t want a stunning rooftop terrace with beer on tap?


Email Marketing – Rezdy Email Template

We worked with the Rezdy team to build a new account management Hubspot template to use over a 14 part email series. This template needed to be dynamic and easy to use across the business.

Photography – Capturing Lorelei

We were commissioned to capture team Lorelei racing in the CYCA Winter Series, and it was a perfect day where everything came together just splendidly.

We captured a variety of shots from across the harbour, showcasing the boat and team at their best.

Thanks for following along, if you’ve read anything you’d like to find out more about, please get in touch. Otherwise, I look forward to sharing with you our work for July.


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.