BY Benjamin

August 15, 2020

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and much more so when you make a graphic design mistake. This is because it can negatively affect your business and branding. It can translate to many lost opportunities and failed customer acquisitions. But why exactly should mistakes be avoided, and what are the common ones to avoid in graphic design?

This article helps you look into the possible drawbacks of making compromises in graphic design, and how they affect your business presence in the long run. Additionally, it will go over some of the most common ones.

Why You Should Avoid Graphic Design Mistakes
  • First impressions matter in marketing and branding
    Think about making graphic design mistakes like taking a right-minus-wrong test. You can say you will later, but it will already be too late. That’s because casual viewers or site browsers come and go nowadays, and those first glances matter. You should plot your designs carefully and think twice before hitting publish.
  • Making the wrong investment leads to losing vital business opportunities
    As there are many graphic design tools and free services out there, you need to be wary about overly relying on them. This is because it can define your business as common or uninteresting. You will just sink into the background and not thrive in your market, as viewers will easily pass you over. Your branding will be perceived as not offering anything new or exciting.

All things considered, free graphic design tools may seem cheaper than most affordable graphic design services, but you will not reach any serious customers and investors. Therefore, work with the best graphic design services within your budget to avoid the common pitfalls.

Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you know the reasons to avoid mistakes, note some of the most common ones in graphic design:

  • Integrating stock images: Stock images are overly accessible and usually bland. Some businesses might eid them to make them “unique,” but the results are almost always an eyesore. These images are also filled with watermarks that are hard to remove. Instead of using stock photos, use original pictures or consider photography services to take professional shots of your store or products. These can be reused for future campaigns or an e-commerce website catalog.
  • Overusing fonts: As changing the font style may add some intrigue to your written content, don’t overdo it to the point that it becomes unreliable or hard to process. Use fonts sparingly, and smartly integrate personalised font styles to grab casual browser’s attention. Don’t add too many clashing font sizes, either. Keep it simple.
  • Overly complex or unmemorable logo: Logos are a primary feature of any business, so you want to come up with something that is easy to understand and resonates with your customers. This is also a vital step in your branding strategy and when you want to move on to product packaging.
  • Using distasteful or irritating colour combinations: Using certain colours can easily attract or visually repel customers from your site or product. When in doubt, work with the best graphic design services to look into your preferred colour combinations and consider their professional knowledge on branding and colour schemes.

Before ever considering any content or sketch for your brand, always look into the possible drawbacks, and avoid making crucial graphic design mistakes. Remember to take a step back first before putting any money behind a certain colour or graphic If you are sceptical about it. Are you in need of graphic design subscription packages for your business? We are 55 KNOTS, your dedicated team of graphic designers offering you on-demand services and design subscriptions. Ideate with us and improve your marketing efforts with new graphics today


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