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July 23, 2020

Our weekly Expert Advice mini-series features experts across key business industries sharing valuable insights every professional should know. From brand marketing tips to financial planning, you’ll receive a wealth of insider knowledge to benefit a broad spectrum of topics for your business.

This week we have Monica Kade from answering some questions on why you shouldn’t skip over high-quality copywriting for your brand!

1. Why is it essential to engage with a copywriter when crafting a marketing campaign?

I have found people fall into two—maybe three categories. 

  1. The professionals who ‘think’ they can write compelling marketing copy.
  2. People who hate writing and will do anything to avoid it.
  3. People who aren’t bad, but know their marketing campaigns will have greater success if they hire a professional copywriter.

Writing for marketing campaigns requires skill, and depending on the type of campaign you’re running—a stylised form of communication with your target audience. 

Think bold headlines, persuasive language highlighting your product/service benefits. Use clever copy to get inside your consumer’s mind. Keep them daydreaming about your brand/product until they buy.

A seasoned copywriter has runs on the board and is experienced in crafting copy that packs a punch—in the best of ways. A pro copywriter can ultimately sell you a needle in a haystack. They’ve mastered the art of seduction through the written word, and they’ll creep into your heart and make you fall head over heels in love with a brand. 

Want to know how I do it? Well, I can’t tell you here. You’d have to hire me to find out. *winks*

2. What’s the biggest mistake you see business owners making when it comes to copywriting?

Too. Many. Words. Complicated sentences and repeating the same thing without communicating the value of a product/service.

Time is precious. If people give you a slice of theirs, don’t waste it with poorly written content. You may have a brilliant product or service, but if the offer isn’t compelling—or the copy feels lifeless, you’ve lost out.

Find a way to communicate succinctly in the least amount of words and still convey what you’re selling. 

Communicate with purpose, clarity and power—these are my brand values, and they underpin outstanding copy.

Be creative, entertain and move people with your words. If you struggle with that—that’s a surefire sign that investing in a wordsmith will give your brand some edge.

3. How important is it for businesses to know their tone-of-voice and produce written content?

Tone of voice (TOV) is huge. If you’re a Government body and start speaking casually, with the occasional F-bomb…let’s just say people won’t take you seriously.

Knowing your TOV is crucial to developing your brand and becoming recognised in your market. The tone must reflect who you are, and use language that appeals to your demographic. 

For example, a teen skincare range must adopt a youthful and vibrant TOV that uses the language of that age group. Speak to them like they’re in their 60s and they won’t hear you. Your brand will die.

Know your audience. Know your brand. Communicate accordingly.

4. Is long-form copy dead?

In my opinion, no. Long-form copy (when well-written) gets read. It’s also useful when you’re selling a product or service. 

Let’s say you’re selling a premium-priced corporate retreat at $7K. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll have a new prospect who doesn’t know you yet, within 50 words.

Is it impossible? No. But most people want to understand the value they’re getting for their money (to determine if your service/product is right for them). Wouldn’t you?

Long-form copy is a brilliant way to achieve this. When crafted by a ninja copywriter, it’s compelling, engaging and will have your client whisper to themselves, ‘Where have you been all my life?’

5. What would be your number #1 tip you think every business owner should know when it comes to copywriting?

You MUST have a website and a wow-some About page. If your brand doesn’t have an online presence, you’ll leave a lot of money on the table. You also miss out on developing genuine connections with your audience. 

Today people have highly tuned BS detectors; they sniff out inauthenticity within 30-seconds or less. 

  • Let people get to know you and your team. 
  • Share your love for what you do. 
  • Tell them why you do what you do. 
  • What’s the story behind your brand’s existence?

Remember, people, fall in love with the story and the people behind the brand—big or small. So please, craft an engaging About page, and don’t overlook building a website.

I absolutely love writing this type of content, so if you need help, reach out. 

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