Content creation is the driving force behind a website’s strong Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. For this reason, business owners are taking a long-term approach towards developing their site’s organic reach. Although text is a vital component of content creation, that doesn’t mean it’s the only variable contributing to better SERP rankings. Visual appeal also determines how well your content will look appealing to online users.


Strengthening Your Text with Visual Improvements

It’s understandable for people just beginning their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) journey to focus solely on keywords. After all, the core of SEO depends on how well you know your audience and their preferred search terms. Using these terms strategically throughout your blog posts and website elements is an excellent way to increase your site’s visibility to search engine web crawlers. However, these aren’t the only site elements you should focus on. Besides the textual component of your content, the visual aspect also provides several benefits to your SEO.

In this article, we’ll share three crucial benefits of using images in your blog posts.

1. Images Attract Your Audience’s Attention

Although search terms can attract search engine AI, actual online users will not see the coding that goes in your front and back-end optimisation. Adding images to your blog posts develops your blog’s story, highlighting key elements and conveying the right message to appeal to your audiences visually. With the right image, your content will flow more smoothly and positively impact your viewers.

Besides using static images, you can also use GIFs to simulate movement on your site. It’s an excellent way to introduce movement to grab your audience’s attention. Besides using GIFs for visual aid, it’s also an opportunity to attach memes to add a bit of fun and humour to your content.

2. Images Improve Your Website’s Shareability

While it’s important to create a compelling website, nothing will beat the raw reach and engagement of connecting your site with social media networks. For this reason, business owners integrate their content marketing campaigns with coordinated social media posts. This increases the visibility of their content by ensuring a wider audience will see their published blogs.

Even if your blogs have great headings, they can still lose to the flood of holiday pictures and product placement on a social media feed. Since you need to win over an audience from a specific social media platform, you’ll be competing against thousands of other content pieces on their feed. Using images can give a sneak peek at the topic you want to discuss, allowing your shared links to attract larger audiences.

3. Images Increase Your Site’s Visibility to Web Crawlers

Search engine web crawlers can still read images even if they cannot interpret them visually. This is because you can add alt text to the images on your blog. Although your readers won’t see the alt text you add, search engine AI will index your site by swooping all corners of your landing pages. Utilising alt text is a great way to improve your site’s visibility without dumping all your key terms on your readers.


There are many smart and creative ways to expand your blog posts’ reach beyond utilising keywords. Besides low competition keywords, post engagement and shareability are two factors web crawlers value highly. This is just one example of diversifying your approach towards SEO. If you want to ensure a robust online presence for your brand, you need to execute these strategies with professional help.

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