BY Benjamin

September 20, 2020

Your customers don’t need a degree in graphic design to know if a logo or a poster looks odd. An off-putting font or an ugly colour palette can make them think twice about subscribing to a company’s products or services. This is why investing in quality graphic design is necessary for any business that wants to grow its brand.

The universal importance of graphic design

Graphic design is present in all your business’s output, from your product packaging to your social media profile pictures. How well you present yourself in the public eye has a considerable bearing on how successful your business can become. The better your visuals are, the higher your chances to increase your brand awareness and customer conversion rates.

If you’re having trouble with your business’s creative direction, here are three graphic design tips that can help you out:

1. Establish your visuals’ focal point

If you’re creating an advertisement, the composition of your elements should always lead to a focal point. The combination of text, font, shapes, colours and images must lead your viewer to one area or direction. This helps the customer know how to navigate through your design and where they will expect to end up.

Whether you’re designing a website banner ad or a business card, you should make sure that your viewers know the focal point of your piece. It should lead them to the essential information on your content, such as your contact information or new product’s name.

2. Balance your visuals’ elements

Humans instinctively look for balance in everything they see, which can be in the form of symmetry and patterns. Symmetrical designs provide a structure to your graphics that’s easy to digest. On the other hand, asymmetrical elements create tension, imbalance and movement, which are excellent for highlighting focal points in your content.

Besides balancing your different elements, you should also pay attention to how well you use your white spaces. Condense your graphic design elements, but don’t cram everything together to fit in one visual. If your online post contains plenty of information, you should let your readers breathe in between huge chunks of data. 

One creative way to go around balancing your elements and utilising white spaces is by creating seamless infographics. You can stretch these visuals indefinitely either horizontally or vertically, depending on the format that works best for your website’s layout.

3. Reinforce brand messages through repeating elements

There’s a reason why brands use the same taglines, colour palettes and key visuals in their promotions. This is to reinforce the repetition of their brand message to their customers. Combining your business’s brand elements to your graphic design is an excellent way to promote brand awareness while creating a sense of memorability to your piece. Keep in mind that mindless repetition can be too distracting to your viewers, so you should exercise caution when using this for your design.


The elements of graphic design may seem simple at first. Still, its effects have a lasting impact on your company’s success. All the leading brands in different industries have a strong and compelling visual identity, which is why many consumers subscribe to them over their competitors. A strong brand identity is an excellent way to get a strategic edge against the other players in your industry.

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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.