BY Benjamin

November 27, 2021

Even if your company is in its early stages, its success will be determined by what you do to make a lasting impact on your audience. After all, how can you promote your new company when consumers have yet to try your goods or services?

To convert leads to paying customers, you need to draw people in with your logo and marketing efforts. Once they are acquainted with your business and the excellent quality of your services, they will come back time and time again!

Logos are among the identities that businesses show everywhere and use as their company’s face. However, the significance of a logo is in communicating a brand statement. Here are some logo designs to help you rebrand or start a company and make it stand out from the crowd.


While logo designers are not abandoning the minimalist approach, they are trying to recover some of the beauty that has been lost due to oversimplification. Incorporating delicate perspective angles has become a typical logo design technique. Designers may create depth without complicating the design by using simple drawing methods such as linear perspective, curvature, or foreshortening.

The result is that logos seem more forceful, as if the brand is jumping off the page, but the semi-flat design approaches that have served designers so well in the past stay intact.


As a relatively new approach, logo design often finds inspiration in the methods and constraints of the past. This year, many logo designers are finding inspiration in the stained glass windows of the Dark Ages.

When applied to contemporary designs, splitting pictures into shards of solid color adds an abstract twist to simple ideas. Because of its origins in the medieval church, stained glass is also linked with holiness. It is most likely no accident that this logo style is often associated with stunning natural views.


Wordmarks—logos based on a typeface—have a reputation for being straightforward, for better or ill. While they make the brand name the whole emphasis of the logo, making it more recognizable, they do not allow for much creative freedom. Logo designers, on the other hand, are altering that perception one letter at a time.

Many are witnessing an increasing number of exaggerations of a single letter inside a wordmark. That may be as subtle as an off-colored title over a lowercase I or as apparent as towering chopsticks creating an uppercase H. The diverging letter not only draws the attention but also offers businesses the best of both worlds: a conventional, type-based logo that isn’t afraid to violate the norms.


People instinctively seek out other people’s faces, so portraits help create an emotional connection in design. The more real and familiar those faces are, the stronger the bond.

As a result, more logo designers are turning to portraiture representing a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, genders, age groups, and other factors. In contrast to the homogenous image that dominates the media, this technique produces a genuine impression, allowing consumers to engage with a business in an instant. These logos may be as basic as flat character images or as complex as artistic methods that emphasize faults and wrinkles.


Shapes serve as the foundation for images. However, although primary forms like triangles, squares, and circles are often phased away after laying the foundation, there is strength in their simplicity.

The designers of 2021 are capitalizing on this potential by creating logos with primary lines and forms. This rigorous commitment to form minimalism lends these logos a sense of planned restraint, enabling them to experiment with other elements, such as highly saturated colors.

Another advantage of this method is that simple layering may give the appearance of structure and depth, referring to the previously mentioned perspective drawing style. Designers may develop logos that are simple to understand, memorable, and colorful while using just form language.


When it comes to rebranding in the coming years, businesses will play it safe and wise, leaning heavily on old favorites design approaches. Always keep in mind that the logo you design is meant to represent a bigger message, and style alone won’t make the impact you want it to. A well-designed logo conveys company competence, while a poorly designed logo delivers the incorrect message to your target audience, failing to create a positive first impression.

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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.