BY Benjamin

January 29, 2021

Your branding is one of the most important design elements that your business will have. Besides your packaging, colour schemes, and content art direction, your logo is ultimately the face of your company. Unfortunately, many companies still experience design flops and encounter logo design mistakes, often due to inexperience and insufficient planning. 

If you’ve experienced horrible logo design and branding mistakes, take it all in and use it as a lesson. Besides, having bad experiences will help you evolve and develop your business now that you know what you shouldn’t do. For this reason, some business owners avoid design mistakes by getting graphic design subscription services to ensure that they’re getting high-quality graphic design content. 

So, are you curious about what logo mistakes you should avoid? Keep reading. We’ll share with you the biggest and most common logo design errors most business owners make and how you can prevent them. Let’s get to it!

Using Unprofessional and Amateur Software

There are always advancements in the digital world, which is why there are logo generators and graphic design makers that are readily available and accessible to the public, even those without graphic design experience. Unfortunately, even if they’re easy to use, it shows how unpolished and how poor your design is alongside your other competitors. 

Although not all logo design software and generators are bad, they’re pretty much generic. So when you use these platforms, standing out from the crowd may be quite tricky and establishing your credibility as a brand could be quite challenging for your team. For this reason, it’s best to work with an experienced team of designers to avoid this rookie mistake and create a logo that best represents your company. 

Following All The Trends and Not Putting in Much Thought

Another big mistake business owners and novice designers make is that they can often get excited about new design trends and want to incorporate them into their branding right away. Following trends isn’t necessarily wrong; however, not all trends will work for all companies. Besides that, riding the same wave won’t take you to the same destination or get you the same clients. With that, it’s still crucial that you stand out.

To deal with shiny object syndrome, treat these trends as inspiration instead of something you should do. When you overview the different trends and styles you can do, you’ll find one that’s the best fit for your brand. 

Depending Too Much on Free Images

Graphic design can be quite pricey; that’s why one of the biggest mistakes business owners and novice designers make depends on free image services to get stock images for their branding and logo design. 

When you use free images, you immediately lower your design quality and could even put your company at risk of a lawsuit if the owner recognizes a design they did. This is why it’s essential to invest in exclusive usage and graphic design subscription services to avoid any legal issues and to ensure high-quality design output every time. 

Forgetting to Proof Your Designs

Proofing isn’t only something writers should do; designers should also ensure their formatting is in check. Some graphics and logos may need some words incorporated in its design, and because of this, some may overlook spelling errors and grammar mistakes. 

Failing to proofread your design could be incredibly embarrassing for your company. Consequently, it’s best to go over the design a few times, and some fresh eyes do the same to avoid this unprofessional mistake. 

Why You Need Professionals to Help You with Your Logo

Although doing things on your own could be quite exciting, it’s still vital that you establish professionalism and credibility through your company’s logo. The best way to do this is by trusting design professionals to create high-quality design content for your brand. 

Fortunately, graphic design subscription services are available for business owners like you, so check out their rates and find one that best fits your company!

Are You Looking for Graphic Design Subscription Services?

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