BY Benjamin

May 30, 2019

Welcome to our first monthly overview of what we’ve been working on here at 55 KNOTS, whether it’s for our clients or on our own passion projects, below you’ll find our highlights from the month of May.

Corporate Portraits

We’ve done several corporate portrait shoots throughout May — Matt, Jacob, Gill, Nikki and Julie all came through our Drummoyne studio for an in-studio session.

We also had the pleasure of providing Rezdy with a full-day on-location corporate team shoot at their HQ in Surry Hills. We captured a variety of images from professional Linkedin headshots to fun interactive group photos.

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Portraits of a Sailor

This month we also started work on our coffee table book “Portraits of a Sailor” which we’re scheduling for release just in time for Christmas.

What is Portraits of a Sailor? I hear you say.

Essentially, we’re on the quest to find sailors with the most exciting stories; whether they’ve sailed through storm cells, or perhaps they’ve broken world records (like sailing around Australia the fastest non-stop)… or even if they’re making strides for diversity within the industry – if they have a story that meets any of these requirements, we want to hear about it.

The stories we find most intriguing will receive a complementary dramatic portrait alongside their written account PLUS they’ll be featured in our coffee table book. We have a few exciting stories lined up for the series, one that requires a snow storm reenactment — Queue the snow machine. If you have a story or know someone with a killer story, please get in touch.

The Vintage Collection – Product Photography

Wise Up Marketing needed some product photography for JoJo Jetty’s Vintage Wine Collection, at first we thought this was going to be a walk in the park, it turns out photographing wine is a lot trickier than you’d imagine, particularly when the brief called for precise lighting from the client.

We learnt much about shooting wine, and the different light setups you need for reds vs whites. We’re super pleased with where they ended up, so much, in fact, we created a new wine bottle shooting service. The best part about this shoot was tasting the wines at the end. Glass well deserved. Cheers.

GoDaddy oOH Rollout

Our experience has always been client-side, so we know first-hand one of the major pain points when it comes to using larger agencies, and that’s how much they charge for simple tasks. An uncomplicated campaign rollout can cost upwards of $10k with a larger agency, but that’s where we come in.

What we do here at 55 KNOTS is cut out all those unnecessary layers (account managers, creative directors, designers, finished artists etc) and roll out an entire campaign using just a single resource.

What this meant for GoDaddy is that they could spend less money on production and more money where it counts – eyeballs on their campaign.

We rolled out the GoDaddy campaign Australia-wide saving at least $4k in production fees.

eBook and Social Animations

We worked with Rezdy to design their latest eBooks on automation.

We also created some animated graphics to help draw attention to both their Sell More and Save Time with Automation eBooks on their social networks, primarily Facebook and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

We worked on various email campaigns throughout the month. Fundamentally with Rezdy, working with their support team to create a new IT support ticket, as well as two new auto-responders for both support and sales contact queries.

Brand Refresh

We’ve also been working with Sasphire Legal to refresh their overall brand look and feel. Their current branding was beginning to feel a little dated, something that became extremely obvious to us when we started to build a new website using the old brand colours and logo.

Yet, when refreshing their look we didn’t want to overhaul their brand completely and lose any brand awareness they may already have in their industry — so, we opted to evolve their brand into something more modern, a new colour profile that was more dynamic, a modern sans serif font and a small brand identity guide.

Website Design & Development

We’ve been working very closely with Rezdy to update and bring new life to some of their core pages. We’re working on a handful of new pages and experiences that will launch over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for next months summary to find out what they might be!


Overall it’s been a great first month here at 55 KNOTS we’ve worked on a mixed bag of projects, from motion to email. We really dig the diverse range of projects that are thrown our way. We have some exciting new projects in the works, one featuring Nicole Kidman, but more on that next time.


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.