BY Benjamin

July 13, 2021

A company logo sets the first impression of your business. Whenever customers see a company logo, they tend to have an idea of the product or service that the brand provides. A logo is, after all, the face of a business. And when you want customers to remember your brand, it’s pretty simple: you have to create a company logo that’s built according to your brand.

There’s a whole creative process behind making your company logo stand out. Whether you need a company logo as a start-up or you’re rebranding, your company logo should help you stay ahead of your competitors and represent your business. Read on below for pointers so that you can create a striking company logo.


In the first place, you won’t be able to create a good company logo if you don’t know your target audience. Your company logo should also be able to communicate the needs of your target demographic. A study of a particular niche is recommended if you want to narrow down your target market. Factors such as age, gender and geographic location are to be considered so that you can narrow down your target market more effectively.



Of course, your brand has to make clear of what you’re offering, which can either be a product or a service. Aside from that, you should establish what sets your brand apart from your competitors. 


A lot of brainstorming is required for this to work. Think of an adjective that can describe your brand. It should be relatable to your audience for them to remember it.




Many businesses compete in the same market. Instead of adding to the competition, you should go for establishing a connection with your target market. Some brands are pretty formal, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, there are also other brands that employ the same method. 

To set your brand apart from the others, putting your brand in the shoes of the consumer is a great move. By doing this, you can immediately form a sense of connection with your consumers, which in turn leads to greater brand awareness and engagement.



Your logo design must reflect what product or service you’re offering. Aside from that, it should address customer needs. It’s important that your logo matches your industry. On a related note, you can also pick specific colours, icons and fonts to represent your brand much more clearly. 

A great example would be picking colours and the kind of moods that certain colours can evoke. Red, yellow and pink are colours that can evoke positive emotions such as happiness and joy. On the other hand, colours like blue, purple and white evoke elegance and formality. Proper usage of design elements can help in making a great company logo.


Consistency is key in many things, and even making company logos is one of them. To have your brand recalled by many customers, your branding must be consistent. It can be achieved by using many different marketing channels, be it digital or traditional. As long as it’s easily accessible, you should take advantage of it and put your company logo and brand out there.


Creating a company logo can seem like a daunting task, but it can be easy. All you need to do is proper strategising. You can do this by brainstorming and creatively designing your company logo. As long as potential customers see it, you’re guaranteed to make your mark.


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