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March 31, 2022


Twitch is a live streaming platform for gaming enthusiasts to display their skills to a digital audience. Since its release nearly a decade ago, the platform has evolved into a dynamic culture. Gamers are dedicating themselves to becoming the most-watched streamers on the program.

To captivate viewers, gamers not only need to put out mouth-watering content. Factually, they require fascinating designs and logos giving information to the audience about their channel. This banner acts like a company’s logo and is the prime graphical characteristic of your channel.

But before we jot down these 11 stunning Twitch banner ideas and designs for 2022, let’s look at the different types of Twitch banners.


Different Types of Twitch Banners

There are two main types of Twitch banners that gaming enthusiasts and streamers should be aware of. Let’s take a glance at these two banner types:

  • Twitch Profile Banner

Before 2020, the Twitch profile banner was the crux of a streaming channel, commonly referred to as a cover image. This cover image aims to put short messages or details of upcoming events for the gaming community following a specific profile.

However, due to a recent update to the Twitch user interface, profile banners have been reduced to a simple wallpaper. This wallpaper is simply lingering in the background. Twitch also confined the customization on the wallpaper, ensuring only patterns and background colours can be used when editing the image.

  • Twitch Video Player Banner

Due to the update which sent the profile banner back, the Twitch video player banner rose in the ranks. By using this banner, gamers can highlight their branding. Additionally, they can share crucial information with their subscribers.

Although these banners only appear when the user is offline, they display a static image over the video player and showcase the characteristics of the channel. Creating a solid twitch banner that stands out can be the key to gaining recognition in the live streaming community.

Gamers can also use the offline twitch banner to promote their other social media channels and increase traction. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a professional-looking banner. Even better if it complements the mood of the channel and attracts viewers seamlessly.

By working with professional graphic designers such as 55Knots, gamers can focus on streaming and building their platform. Bring aboard experienced artists, and you’re working towards elevating the façade of your channel.

In this post, we’ll list down 11 stunning twitch banner ideas and designs for 2022. Gaming fans can now be in the loop with the latest banner trends and the best graphics used by elite streamers on the Twitch platform.


11 Stunning Twitch Banner Ideas and Designs of 2022

These stunning banner designs will help gamers brainstorm when designing a banner for their twitch profile. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.


1. Grid



Grid is a minimalistic design template for a twitch offline banner providing a clean and concise look to the channel. The primary design consists of simple elements. Moreover, the other components in the template incline toward a grid-like structure.

The punch comes in the form of a bolded text, which pops out of the screen, bringing your channel to life. When combined with Korean translations, the bold typography gives the channel an exotic appeal. This makes the design apt for streamers playing futuristic, sci-fi games like Halo, Outriders, Mass Effect, and so on.

By taking inspiration from this design, gamers streaming hi-tech adventure titles can collaborate with graphic designers to create the best Twitch offline banners. These usually resonate with their channel. In turn, streamers are supported in growing their following and increasing viewership.

Image Source: https://nerdordie.com/


2. DrLupo



DrLupo is a renowned name in the live streaming and gaming community. DrLupo started streaming Destiny before moving on to battle royale-style games such as Fortnite and H1Z1. Today, the channel has close to two million subscribers, and its online presence continues to grow every day.

The twitch banner on the DrLupo channel incorporates rich shades of crimson and purple on a black background. This creates a gradient of blush colours. A primary logo on the left highlights the brand and can be recognised by viewers instantly.

This offline banner transforms into an elegant and creative screen that has a soothing effect on the audience. All credits to the typing, the name in white font over a dark backdrop.

Other areas on the screen display information, such as streaming times and various social media handles. Such facilities enable audiences to connect with gamers when they are offline on Twitch.

Image Source: https://shanebarker.com/


3. Ops



Anyone looking at the Ops twitch channel can instantly identify the streamer’s genre in an instant due to the offline banner. Ops is known for streaming first-person shooters and combat games, and the bold design of the banner highlights this feature.

By choosing a vibrant colour palette that complements the stream, this channel stands out from the crowd and manages to attract millions of viewers. The main theme of the banner is the orange centrepiece resembling a standard weapon in all shooter games, the grenade.

This simplicity is what resonates with the audience and attracts them to the twitch channel. A dark background further helps the cause by intensifying the charred shades of orange and accentuating the white font.

Image Source: https://influencermarketinghub.com/


4. Shroud



One of the best gamers in the live streaming community will undoubtedly have a stunning and dynamic offline twitch banner. By working with professional graphic designers, Shroud created a unique banner unlike any other on the live streaming platform.

The asymmetry of the text and logo creates an energetic aura while adding the illusion of movement. These characteristics are a perfect fit for the online gaming industry. The artsy logo designed in an anime-like style creates an atmosphere of mystery and is a visual representation of the channel name ‘Shroud’.

Creating a banner for your audience is as simple as choosing a template and adding various elements from a pre-defined list. However, by working in tandem with a team of expert graphic designers, gamers can masterfully craft a twitch banner capable of transforming into a brand.

Image Source: http://derickdinh.design/


5. Geometric Design

Geometric Design


Designing a twitch offline banner doesn’t mean you have to load it with vibrant graphics and eye-catching colours. A minimalistic banner works just as well as an offline screen with professional artwork, and its simplicity can be a defining factor when streaming any media.

Since the screen is not loaded with heavy graphics, any message will be legible and easily remembered by the viewers. The simple shapes also represent the buttons on a PlayStation controller and can be used to connect with a specific community.

Streamers can hire a design team to create modern artwork using geometric shapes. The professional designers bring years of expertise to the table. Even better, their in-depth knowledge of various design details and techniques such as colour psychology aid in increasing channel views and subscribers.

Image Source: https://cms-assets.tutsplus.com/


6. Game-Specific Banner

Game-Specific Banner


This offline twitch banner idea uses an illustration from the game Counter-Strike as its main attraction. The message on the banner is loud and clear due to the bright colours of the typeface. Moreover, the font is further highlighted owing to the monochromatic theme of the image.

The sharp cuts at the corners give the image a streamlined look while highlighting the text. Even better, the colours brighten up the banner without drawing too much attention from the monochrome centerpiece.

Furthermore, the content of this channel is showcased in the banner, making it a comfortable spot for viewers looking for game-specific content. Streams can implement a similar technique when designing their banners by incorporating elements relevant to their content into the offline screen.

Image Source: https://d2kf8ptlxcina8.cloudfront.net/


7. Arcade Banner Design

Arcade Banner Design


This banner design by Nerdordie draws inspiration from a retro arcade and incorporates these old-school elements to create a lively banner capable of attracting viewers’ attention. The purple and green colour scheme is a bold combination and works towards elevating the twitch banner.

What’s best, the arcade-like design of this screen gives it a contemporary appeal making it stand out from dark coloured banners with poorly designed elements. Streamers can use this idea as a base for creating a banner by taking inspiration from the various aspects driving the channel.

For instance, a channel streaming live music can use any instrument like a guitar or saxophone as a base template and design the banner based on the contours of the device. Not only will this help streamers curate a unique banner, but it will also help connect with an audience with similar interests.

Image Source: https://nerdordie.com/


8. Pixelated Twitch Banner Idea

Pixelated Twitch Banner Idea


Since we’re on the topic of old-school retro banners, utilizing the 8-bit pixels to create illustrations for an offline screen can set your channel apart from the rest. By implementing a pixel format in your twitch banner, streamers can achieve the look of legendary games like Mario and Contra for their offline screens.

This banner is further made to resemble a video game by displaying the text in the centre enclosed in a box and using a pixelated font to complete the look. By adding a logo in the information box, streamers can highlight their brand, therefore increasing their channel’s visibility.

What’s more, using colourful illustrations in their pixelated form gives this banner an entertaining look making it suitable for a variety of channels streaming games, music, and art. Keep in mind, professional graphic designers can help streamers create a twitch banner with exclusive designs about their content.

Image Source: https://placeit.net/


9. Lirik



While colourful banners can be used by streamers of various media, having a minimalistic screen with a dark background indicates you mean business. This colour scheme is common amongst gamers, but that shouldn’t deter upcoming streamers from using this mean banner.

The Lirik offline twitch banner uses a black and grey background to lay the path for a perfect conservative logo to shine and create an impact on the audience. The text is also kept to a minimum, and the streamer only lists the sponsors on the side.

Above all, this masterfully designed banner brilliantly uses shadows to cast enough light onto the list of sponsors, making it legible while maintaining the brand logo as the primary attraction.

Streaming aspirants in the gaming industry can use this screen as a template when working with graphic designers to create their Twitch offline banner. Remember, the main element of this banner is the emblem. Thus, streamers should work in tandem with a team of designers to curate a unique logo for the brand.

Image Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/


10. Ninja



While having unique logos and emblems is an epic branding strategy to implement when designing a banner, some streamers recognise themselves as the brand’s most vital asset. Let’s take the streamer Ninja, for instance.

Ninja is known for dominating the Fortnite scene and commands a massive online presence in the gaming community. Using his face as the main element on the screen increases his brand recognition by sustaining a simplistic approach.

The banner’s colour scheme blends with the highlights on his face, bringing the screen to life. While this design looks simple, it takes professionals with years of expertise to create such a wholesome banner. Budding streamers can take inspiration from the Ninja twitch offline banner, and use their prime asset as the main feature of their twitch banner screen.

Image Source: https://www.ggrecon.com/


11. Raven



Not all banners have to be designed around the content a channel provides. Streamers can incorporate famous comic characters into their offline screens. This attracts an audience with a similar mindset.

This banner uses Raven from the DC Universe as the central theme of the screen. The design maintains the Raven colour scheme from the comics and uses purple hues that the character is known for on a dark background, giving the banner an eerie appeal.

Similarly, streamers can use various characters from comics, movies, games, and even images of musicians. These variations help design a stunning banner and become part of a larger community.

Image Source: https://influencermarketinghub.com/




An offline banner is as important to a channel as a logo is to a business. It successfully relays information to the audience and improves brand recognition. Above all, it keeps the audience engaged. 

However, the banner should be the last thing on a streamer’s mind. By hiring experts like 55Knots, streamers can focus on streaming their content while design professionals handle the creative process of your banner design.

Use Twitch banners to guide your channel to gain followers.


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