BY Benjamin

September 7, 2020

A good design can make your business look good. With aesthetically pleasing and professionally designed graphics, your brand can make positive impressions on people. When it comes to your online presence, two of your business’s design elements should be designed well: your logo and your social media graphics. 

Whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to upgrade your graphics, here are the design tips you should know.

Tips for Making Logo Graphics
  • Always start designing your logo in black and white. That way, you can focus more on the details of your design. If you successfully capture people’s attention using a black and white logo, imagine how much more impact it will have once you start adding colours. 
  • Create different variations of your logo. Have a full-colour logo and single-colour version as well. You need to have varieties for it to fit various settings. Your logo should be able to match any format or platform it needs to appear on. 
Tips for Letter-Based Logo Creations

One-letter logos help people remember the brand easier. Take McDonald’s, for example. It’s “M” logo is famous and easily recognisable. If you are thinking about creating a one-letter logo, remember that there are 26 letters you can use in your logo design, and you are not limited to those options alone. Adding other visual elements will also make your logo more appealing. You can experiment by using different fonts, adding colours and shapes, lines, or shadows to your design.

Before associating your logo to a single letter, make sure that your chosen letter makes sense to your brand. 

Tips for Abstract Logo Design

If you want to capture people’s attention, or you want them to be curious about what your company stands for, make an abstract logo. This kind of logo effectively makes your brand more noticeable and enhances engagement with potential customers. It could lead to them wanting to know more once you capture their curiosity. 

This logo design allows designers to be as creative as they can. The key is to make sure that your design uniquely displays your brand’s personality. Also, make sure that your abstract design works well for your company. Even if it is abstract, it should still make a statement or tell your brand’s story.

Ideas for Social Media Graphic Design

Graphics are essential in social media. Images are what people see first on their feed. Your post won’t get that much engagement or attention if it does not have a cool graphic design attached to it. 

Create a graphic design that will make your followers stop scrolling their feed to engage or read what your brand has to say. Variation in content is necessary, so your followers don’t get tired of your content. Here are some reminders to note when designing:

  • Always add your logo. Display it in every post so that your content becomes recognisable or immediately associated with your brand. Make sure your logo stands out from your content graphic design. It will not make sense if the logo is unnoticeable. That is also the reason you need to have logo variations. 
  • Keep the design simple. Always aim for an eye-catching design but never make it too distracting or overpowering. Your content should still be the hero of the post. Your design should only enhance it, not take the attention away from the content. You can start by using simple shapes, text, and colours and adjusting your way from there. 

Your graphic designs help you communicate your brand’s message to your audience. It also enables you to connect with your customers. It shows who you are as a company and allows you to create strong marketing messages. With all the beautiful designs seen every day online, your brand’s graphics also need to stand out. Follow the tips above to help you get started.

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