Is it your first time working with a graphic designer? Then the chances are that you might be unsure about where you should begin, how you should proceed with your projects, and even what types of work you could actually give them.

You must have a lot of questions at the beginning stages, and most of these will be gladly answered by professionals who offer the best graphic design services. Remember that designers are often more than willing to discuss their work’s scope and methods and give clients an idea of what they could expect from their collaboration.

To help you navigate your new relationship with your graphic designer, here are some things you should know:

What Do Writers and Marketers Need to Know?

Graphic designers see you as their creative partner – they’re not a separate sector. You might do different tasks, but your goals are the same. Just like how a content writer would do their best to get a client’s message across to the audience, so do graphic designers.

What Do Graphic Designers Want to Know from Their Copywriter?

In current instances, copywriters and graphic designers do work separately, especially now that people are mostly working remotely. That said, it’s still a good idea to have everybody working on one project be on the same page. For instance, give your graphic designer the main point of the content piece for which they’ll create a design, or give the concept of the campaign to them. Communication is really important if you want everything to be cohesive.

One way to do this is to inform the graphic designer beforehand if the approach you’re doing is on the humorous side or whether it’s a serious client or campaign. Things like this also affect the style and decisions that a graphic designer makes when it comes to the use of colour palettes and font styles.

When Is the Best Time to Hire a Graphic Designer for a Project?

Some might think you should have the graphic designer present from the very beginning. Yet, the thing is that it makes more sense to bring them in once you have settled on the concept and the content you want to use for the project. Once you have agreed on the copy and there will be no major changes, you can start briefing the designer. Then, provide them with as much information about the campaign as possible, not just snippets of the copy they’ll work a design for.

What If You Don’t Have a Clue About What You Want for the Design?

Don’t fret; you’re not the first one who approaches a designer and tells them you’ve absolutely no clue whatsoever about what you want. This is often the case with book authors who have no idea about how their book cover should look like. In such cases, your designer will ask you several questions about your project or your book and give you several options for colours and design elements. In the end, it’s still you who will have the final say about the design.


Working with a graphic designer is no different from working with other creative professionals. Even if it’s your first time working with one, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions or give directions because they’re expecting you to do those things. The important point is that you both get on the same page as soon as possible so that you can start working harmoniously! Of course, your experience working with a graphic designer will also be affected by factors like who you actually choose to do the job.

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